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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another sign the west is dying - Canada's military punished for making fun of the enemy

Canadian soldiers are sent to risk their lives in Afghanistan, many of them having been killed in the line of duty, to fight the Taliban and al Qaida there. But God help our soldiers if they have the temerity to mock the enemies they have been sent to kill! That would be culturally insensitive and deeply offensive to the politically-correct thought totalitarians at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

While sipping vintage champagne at overpriced hotels on the taxpayers' dime, the superior beings at the CBC who are tasked with deciding how the less enlightened hoi polloi should think must have been tut-tutting like a cuckoo upon hearing that Canadian soldiers are parodying the enemies with whom they are at war.

Exploding in outrage, the CBC has railed to the point where a contrite Canadian military is conducting an investigation of the offense of offending those who identify with Osama bin Laden.

While this sounds too absurd to be taken seriously, the signs that such stupidity would compel our government into abasement before the cultural engineers were abundant. Only last week we heard of the  suspension of Queen's University professor Michael Mason for using phrases heard during the time of the Second World War to illustrate attitudes at the time. He wasn't endorsing them but informing his students of examples.

There is a war, not only of arms but of of values being fought between the west and Islamist forces. The most basic value we claim distinguishes us from our enemies is that we claim to represent "freedom" and the most essential principles of that freedom being free speech.

Yet when we see how those who have the power to affect others in our society act and overreact to incidents where they are or are expected to be offended by free speech, something horrifying becomes apparent. Our leaders talk about freedom but not only do they not believe in it, they are working against it.

If we continue along this path we will become just like the enemies we claim are our inferiors. When that happens, we will lose to them because they are unencumbered by the same idiotic concerns about offending others. They teach their children to hate us, to kill us and to take joy in so doing. They are more determined than we are and unless, as a society, we wake up, we are destined to defeat to a culture that will have no qualms about imposing its values on us and killing those who don't accept them.

And if you don't believe that, try walking around as a woman without your head covered in Iran, as a Gay man kissing another Gay man on the lips there, as a Baha'i praising your own religion, or anyone speaking out against the Supreme Ayatollah.

Maybe that last example came too late. Now in Canada if you are in the military and dare to so much as mock an Ayatollah, you could end up on charges.

As blogger Scaramouche intimated, the CBC better file a hate crimes complaint against Paramount Pictures too..


rick mcginnis said...

When you have no moral sense, you have no shame. I learned that years ago when I heard Michael Enright making crude anti-Catholic jokes on CBC morning radio. Ancient Protestant bigotry masquerading as liberal glibness. The CBC is the wet, ravenous mouth where the state devours itself.

Richard K said...

With gingivitis!