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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm calling it for Obama

Even though Mitt Romney is leading in electoral college votes now at 11 PM, with the remaining states about to come in from the west coast, I'm calling it as an Obama reelection.

My prediction of a Romney win was wrong, but from the looks of things, based on the current numbers, it wasn't a terrible call.  Romney looks like he will finish the election with a substantial lead in the popular vote, so in that sense my data analysis wasn't too far off the mark.


Pyrodafox said...

Part of me would like to say I am shocked, but I am not. Not really. I suppose I have no reason to be optimistic for the future.

Anonymous said...

Romney's popular vote lead is much slimmer than Gore's in 2000 - and only about 20% of California's vote has been counted with Obama having a large lead there. Once California's vote is counted Obama will be ahead in the popular vote.

Richard K said...

Well, Obama won any way you look at it.

The Republican Congress should be able to keep him from going too nuts and here's one to get ready for...he'll approve the Keystone pipleine now that he doen't have to care about upsetting the environmentalist faction in his party.