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Friday, November 30, 2012

Let the games begin! Rob Ford can run in the next by-election

Wow! Looks like I may get to vote for Rob again sooner than I thought...

In a huge victory for the administration Mayor Rob Ford is eligible to run in a by-election.
Justice Charles Hackland has agreed to remove a portion of his decision that suggested Ford would be ineligible until 2014.
This news came in a conference call with lawyers for both parties acting in the conflict-of-interest case Friday morning.


MariaS said...

Why do we need a by-election which will cost the city close to 10 M ??
We have a mayor who is supposed to be in office until 2014.
Injustice Charles Hackland's ruling should be repealed completely and that's what the appeal from Ford's lawyers should demand. Nothing less will satisfy the immigrant voters who voted for Rob Ford.

A good man's name and reputation has been tarnished and only a complete withdrawal of the ruling can somewhat set right the injustice done not only to the mayor but also to the voters of this city.

Richard K said...

We'll have to wait and see what the Appeals Court decides.

I think one can disagree with Mr. Justice Hackland's ruling while recognizing that he was striving to issue an honest and fair decision based on the law. His recent revision to the order clarifying that Ford can run again in a by-election demonstrates that.

And while I agree it's an unfortunate expenditure of public funds to have to have another municipal election so soon, I can't think of a more definitive and satisfying statement than seeing Ford trounce the opposition in by-election if it comes to that.

Anonymous said...

You're using the wrong sign. http://torontoist.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/20111027ford11.jpg