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Friday, November 16, 2012

Former NDP leadership candidate Ashton throws weight behind terror-supporting anti-Israel group

A Canadian organization that has given vocal support to the terrorist organization Hezbollah is holding a fundraiser next week featuring NDP MP for Churchill riding in Manitoba, Niki Ashton. The deceptively-named Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East campaigns for a full boycott of Israel while sponsoring speakers who extol the supposed virtues of Hezbollah, which is listed by the Canadian and US governments as a terror group.

This Thursday, at Montreal's Delta Hotel, Ashton will be the keynote speaker at the anti-Israel group's fundraiser called "Experiencing Arabia." At this point, there is no word whether the experience will be authentic and Ms Ashton will be addressing the crowd in a face-covering burkah, only after receiving permission to speak from her closest male relative.

As Israel is facing new threats to its civilian population from attacks by Hamas, Ms Ashton is showing where her sympathies lie by siding with those who seek to destroy the Jewish state. This shocking ineptitude is is yet another sharp reminder that the New Democratic Party is nowhere close to having the people ready to form a government.

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