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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Obscene comparison of Canadian PM Harper to Hitler and Holocaust from website of NDP Deputy Leader's spouse

rabble.ca is a fanatical, radical leftist website published by Kim Elliott, the same-sex spouse of NDP leader Libby Davies. It receives almost all its funding from unions and NDP-linked organizations like The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Council of Canadians.

A couple of years ago, they held a contest to award a weekly video spot, the so-called "Not Rex Murphy" to provide what they refer to as space for a "progressive voice"  to counter what they consider the conservatism of the CBC's Rex Murphy.

CUPE union representative Humberto da Silva became rabble.ca's Not Rex and they produce and promote his weekly rants on their website.

This week Da Silva crossed a major line that reveals what rabble, Davies and their union-supporters represent. In his video, Da Silva bloviated against a Conservative MP's Private Member's Bill that would require financial transparency for civic service unions that currently are not required to disclose their spending to their own union membership. Not only did he compare Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, but he invoked Holocaust references suggesting that was part of the Tory political agenda.

Disgusting and deplorable as that may be to any reasonable Canadian, such degenerate fanaticism is completely within the normal range of idiocy expressed by the Davis faction that her spouse's hateful website represent.

Anti-Israel extremism and sometimes outright anti-Semitism appear on rabble. Libby Davies frequently supports the site by appearing at rabble-sponsored talks, as do other NDP members. Noteworthy is that of all the major contenders in the last NDP leadership race, only eventual winner Thomas Mulcair refused to participate in one of their online chats. Possibly because the Davies linked website was aggressively maligning Mulcair in the time leading up to the party convention.

Rabble.ca  is the "media sponsor" of such expressions of hatred as the anti-Semitic so-called Israeli Apartheid Week and efforts to undermine the existence of the Jewish state through attempts to break Israel's arms embargo of the Iran-sponsored terrorist group Hamas.

As outrage mounts against Da Silva and his union ties, it is important to keep in mind for whom he speaks and who provides him with his platform. As deplorable as he is, he is only a less subtle, marginally less sophisticated mouthpiece for the Libby Davies' NDP faction, which  if Canadian voters aren't careful, could end up as a dominant force in our next government.

UPDATE 14/11: And if you needed any more reminders of how vile the Libby Davies-connected rabble.ca is, take a look at this article they published today. (h/t Blazing Cat Fur)

And now they're complaining that a law prohibiting violent protesters from wearing masks is, like, unfair..because it'll make life harder for the comrades with criminal records

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