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Friday, November 2, 2012

Pointing out the hypocrisy of anti-Israel NDP MP Irene Mathyssen

By Jack Chivo - Two apparently unrelated stories have caught my attention over the past few weeks, but there is a clear thread linking them and other events in the world, which make me wonder.  On October 16, Ontario NDP MP, Irene Mathyssen, rose in the House of Commons requesting that the Canadian government protest the refusal of the state of Israel to grant refugee status to thousands of people from Eritrea seeking asylum there.
I would have liked to be told by Mathyssen why she wanted devout Muslims from Eritrea to find a home among the Jews in Israel.   
Didn't she learn from the fiery speeches delivered by her NDP colleagues, especially Deputy Leader Libby Davies, that Israel is a racist, xenophobic, and apartheid state, where Muslims are persecuted, discriminated, and treated like second-class citizens?   
Wouldn't it be better for the Muslims from Eritrea to settle in one of their many neighbouring countries, like Yemen, Sudan, Egypt, or Kenya—or, more importantly, in the wealthy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, just across the Red Sea from their shores—where they could share the same religion, culture, habits, and often language, all with a predominantly Muslim local population?

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and here is Mathyssen addressing a Sea Hitler support rally, opening with an obsequious "salaam alekem"


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