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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Primer for Saturday's Hate Rally in Toronto

The Islamist and totalitarian leftist hatemongers and fanatics who support terrorists whose goal is the destruction of Israel are planning a huge gathering in downtown Toronto this Saturday afternoon. Though a ceasefire was agreed to in the current Israel-Gaza conflict, their hate for Israel and desire to see it annihilated has not subsided and they still plan on spewing their venom on the streets.

The mainstream media, some for laziness, others because of their shallow-minded, politically-correct cultural relativism, will portray the event in a different way than understood anyone who ever has seen the groups involved in action.

Though it will be portrayed in the pages of The Toronto Star and on CBC broadcasts as a pro-Palestine or even an "anti-war" rally, the late essayist and philosopher Christopher Hitchens has these people identified correctly;  "in reality, they are straight out pro-war, but on the other side."  The other side for the Islamo-fascist/totalitarian left alliance, as we have seen in Toronto in the last few weeks, both at disruptions during Remembrance Day services and in front of the Israeli consulate, is Canada's enemy the Taliban and the terror group Hamas.

The people who will be marching will not be a reflection of normal, civilized Canadian citizenry. They are hatemongers and supporters of totalitarianism. And as they say at the ballpark, you can't tell the players without a program, so here is a primer to some of the more prominent reprobates who are likely to be there:

Zafar Bangash, the Grand Poobah of the York Region Islamic Centre. Bangash is a hatemonger and racist whom, at an anti-Israel rally, called US President Obama "that black man in the White House" and later referred to him in an article as "a perfect Uncle Tom." A hypocrite as well as a hatemonger, Bangash plays footsie with so-called progressive, anti-homophobia groups while also saying that Muslim children should not be taught that homosexuality isn't a sinful lifestyle. Bangash is a paid mouthpiece for the murderous, Iranian regime, having worked with the Iranian government on a laudatory biography of its sadistic dictator, Ayatollah Khomeini.

Bangash is one of the principal leaders of anti-Israel activities in Ontario. Many of the participants at Saturday's hate rally will be bused in from the mosque he leads as well as under the direction of the Shiite organizations with which he is closely involved.

Ali Mallah, another nasty racist and hypocrite. Mallah, like his close associate Zafar Bangash, used racist terminology, calling Muslim reformer Tarek Fatah a "house Negro" while preposterously calling those who oppose his fanaticism "racists."  Presenting as simple-minded, thuggish buffoon, he is actually an astute organizer and is the link between Islamist organizations and far left Trotskyite, anti-western groups. He has held or currently holds senior positions in The Canadian Arab Federation (defunded by the federal government for supporting terrorism and anti-Semitism), Palestine House,  CUPE, The Canadian Peace Alliance and Alternatives International.

Mallah used his position as a CUPE vice president to suppress union criticism of the Darfur genocide as it would be harmful to the reputation of Muslims and Arabs.

The Canadian Peace Alliance is a group acting for Iranian interests in Canada. One of its leaders, James Clark, has boasted about his close friendship with Zafar Bangash and the group conducts campaigns in support of the totalitarian, theocratic Iranian regime

Eva Bartlett is a strange woman with a neurotic demenour, originally from Canada, now residing in Gaza with her Palestinian husband. She is a member of the radical pro-Islamist Trotskyite group International Solidarity Movement. Her supporters refer to her as "the Canadian Rachel Corrie" although, unlike her supposed namesake, she has at least demonstrated the minimal level of sanity required to avoid playing chicken with an Israeli military bulldozer. Her efforts are supported by Mallah and a fanatical anti-Israel group with the deceptive name Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East. Bartlett maintains that while Israel does not have the right to defend itself, Palestinians have the right to launch terror attacks which qualify as war crimes because she deems them "resistance."

No One Is Illegal a depraved, Trotskyite group that has been in part funded by the University of Toronto's communist-controlled Ontario Public Interest Research Group. No One Is Illegal opposes any immigration restrictions and has close links with the violent Black Bloc, and shares membership with them.

Palestine House is a Palestinian advocacy organization that lost its federal funding due to its support for terrorism and anti-Semitism. It has been involved in massive immigration fraud.

OCAP - The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty is a radical, violent, anti-capitalist group funded by the Canadian Union of Public Employees. Its leader, John Clarke, has called for class warfare. The group is comprised largely of homeless and mentally ill individuals. OCAP frequently attracts unfortunates with no knowledge of the causes involved to its demonstrations and protests by promising them free food.

Queers Against Israeli Apartheid is an anarchist/Trotskyite organization of Gays who seek Israel's elimination. Many of its membership are psychologically damaged Gay Jews who are venting rejection by their conservative families by seeking destruction of the Jewish state. The group also functions as a rare social outlet for marginalized, unattractive lesbians with few other social venues. Among its members is the author of a notorious anti-Semitic Masters degree thesis produced for the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.

Independent Jewish Voices is a group of socially maladroit anti-Israel Jews which was founded by and is largely comprised of 9-11 conspiracy theorists. Many of its members are Marxist academics insecure about being intellectual lightweights. Most of its members are, old, bitter, childless and resentful.

Sandra Ruch is the obese owner of the Canadian Gaza Boat, dubbed by bloggers as The Sea Hitler. She frequently engages in hyperbolic and hysterically over-emotional public tirades. Her behaviour suggests a lonely, insecure person desperate for attention. As a Jew who publicly denounces Israel with the most extreme, preposterous invective, she is able to get that otherwise unattainable notice from Islamist and Marxist groups for whom destruction of the Jewish state  is of paramount importance while providing them with the pretense for deniability of their anti-Semitism.

Neutrei Karta is a bizarre Jewish cult of extremist anti-Israel Jews. Due to the small size of the cult,
the membership is frequently inbred, which partially accounts for their freakish appearance. They claim to be pro-Palestinian, but that is disingenuous. They also claim to be anti-oppression, but the only oppression anywhere they have ever expressed outrage about is that allegedly committed by Israel. The motivation for the cult's anti-Israel activities is a misguided belief that God has prohibited Jews from creating a state in Israel until the arrival of the Messiah. They seek Israel's destruction as a means of redressing that "error." The cult's hatred for Israel is so intense that they have embraced the murderous, Holocaust-denying President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, with whom they share the common goal of the elimination of the Jewish state.

The cult also believes that Jews should dress like Eastern Europeans in the early 17th Century, which accounts for their clown-like costumes.

CASMO - The Canadian Organization of Shiite Muslims. The group, while denying hating Jews is overtly anti-Semitic. It has posted anti-Semitic videos by neo-Nazi leader David Duke on its website and its membership is tied to the recent case of the Hate Madrassa in Toronto which was the subject of a hate crime investigation for teaching anti-Semitism as part of its curriculum. The group is closely linked with Zafar Bangash and Ali Mallah.


Yorkie said...

Wow Richard, you're really chewing the scenery.

Yorkie said...

Let's summarize your post:
"Islamist and totalitarian leftist hatemongers and fanatics laziness...shallow-minded, politically-correct cultural relativism...Islamo-fascist/totalitarian left alliance...hatemongers and supporters of totalitarianism....Grand Poobah ...racist ....hypocrite as well as a hatemonger, ... nasty racist and hypocrite...simple-minded, thuggish buffoon...far left Trotskyite, anti-western groups.
...strange woman with a neurotic demenour, ...radical pro-Islamist Trotskyite ... fanatical anti-Israel group...a depraved, Trotskyite group ...communist-controlled ...violent...radical, violent, anti-capitalist...The group is comprised largely of homeless and mentally ill individuals....anarchist/Trotskyite ... psychologically damaged ...a rare social outlet for marginalized, unattractive lesbians with few other social venues...socially maladroit ...conspiracy theorists....old, bitter, childless and resentful...obese ... hyperbolic and hysterically over-emotional... lonely, insecure person desperate for attention.... preposterous invective...bizarre Jewish cult ... inbred... freakish appearance.... clown-like"

Richard, after that tour de force of Ed Anger like pig-biting invective are you seriously trying to convince people that the real hateful one is not you?

Richard K said...

Not bad, but you did leave out anti-Semitic.

Anyway, the difference is I'm not out campaigning for the destruction of a people's homeland and acting as an overt supporter of groups that expressly try to murder civilians. I can't think of a more clear and deplorable expression of hate than that.

More importantly, these groups try to present themselves as normal and representative of Canadians and they are anything but that. You might also look at some of the links that explain why I've described them as I did. I know empirical research isn't something York U is particularly big on, but still..

You York students seem to have a lot of spare time on your hands. Glad you're using some of it to read my blog.

And did you notice how they were celebrating in Gaza when a busload of civilians was bombed a couple of days ago. That must have brought a tear of joy to you. I don't actually see Israelis celebrating the deaths of innocents, but that speaks to a rather significant difference in culture.

Yorkie said...

"Not bad, but you did leave out anti-Semitic." If you read the criticism Orthodox Jews had of Zionists 50 or 100 years ago one common theme was that what underlay Zionism was a deep seated self-hatred and anti-Semitism. That your strongest invective is reserved for Jews suggests they weren't far off. Your hatred of the Haredim, which evokes some of Barbara Kay's worst writing certainly evokes this. "The cult also believes that Jews should dress like Eastern Europeans in the early 17th Century, which accounts for their clown-like costumes" is something I would have expected to read on Stormfront. Also interesting is yoru insistence that anyone you disagree with is mentally ill. Somehow, I don't think that's what Voltaire had in mind when he wrote "I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it." If you're going to claim affinity with him you should probably change that quote to "I may disagree with what you have to say, and I'll insult your appearence and your mental health and suggest your subhuman rather than respect your right to say it."

Richard K said...

I never wrote that anyone who disagrees with me is mentally ill. You don`t seem to be able to follow an argument and this isn`t the first time you`ve distorted what I`ve written to try to characterize it into a completely different meaning than what is clearly intended. That actually is an indication of psychological problems.

OCAP`s membership is comprised of many homeless people who do indeed suffer from mental illness. If you knew about and were honest about that organization you would be aware of that fact.

There`s also a distinction between Haredim in general, for whom I don`t have tremendous respect, and the specific cult Neutrei Karta, for whom I have none.

What you`ve written suggests you understand very little of the origins of Zionism beyond what you`ve read in anti-Zionist critiques, which is generally about as biased and fatuous as one would expect from such material. If you want to read some real anti Semitic material, try Marx` On the Jewish Question. That work may partially account for the Jew-hatred that is the subtext to the actions of so many Marxists.


Yorkie said...

"I never wrote that anyone who disagrees with me is mentally ill. You don`t seem to be able to follow an argument.... That actually is an indication of psychological problems."

Um yeah, you've just proven my point - your m.o. is to pathologise, ridicule and/or marginalize anyone with a different opinion at least in regards to Israel. That doesn't show either a respect for free speech or free debate. Also, reading your blog, you rarely if ever actually address the arguments made by proponents of Palestinian rights. Instead you insult them, dismiss them, ridicule them, pathologize them and engage in other forms of ad hominem - anything to avoid actually addressing the issues. The sad thing is you're actually one of the smarter Zionist bloggers which just shows you the low level of debate and analytical ability among Zionists today.

Richard K said...

Well, you're almost half right. I will ridicule and dismiss some of the people who come here to rant. But again, you're mischaracterizing what I said, which again, suggests you can't follow an argument, and that makes these exchanges tiresome.

You're also extrapolating my making fun of you and a handful of bozos to "anyone," which also suggests a lack of perspective and psychological well-being.

I'm not opposed to Palestinian rights. I support them. But those rights do not include the right to destroy Israel. The so-called advocates for Palestinian rights seem to have no interest in the discrimination Palestinians face throughout the Arab middle east, like in Lebanon where they are actually discriminated against far worse than in Israel.

As to my commitment to free speech, if you think insulting or belittling is deprivation of free speech, you don't really understand the concept. You'll notice I've published all your comments and allowed you to insult me. You'd have an argument if that weren't true. Try taking a position where you insult the orthodoxy or the blog owner on a site like rabble.ca or John Baglow's blog. On the latter I was banned just for pointing out how ridiculous he was when he referred to a single tweet I made as "the spinning blades of the Zionist lobby" or something equally stupid.

You might want to spend more time on those sites than this blog - you'll find more like-minded people there.

And anyway, if you hate the abuse, why do you keep coming back for more? Instead of complaining about me impugning your psychological health, you might want to think through that question.

Yorkie said...

You misunderstand. I don't feel personally affronted, I just don't think you understand the degree to which you undermine your own position by reducing yourself to a ridiculous biovating parody. For example, here is the reaction your post has gotten on an anti-Zionist facebook page (not by me btw):

"This is the best read I've had in ages. I'm still LOL'ing.

"This is comedy gold. The best way to convince people that Palestinian solidarity activists are hateful anti-Semites is through a hateful anti-Semitic tirade."


Zionists are the funniest people around...if it weren't for the 4th largest military force at their disposal to implement their insanity :/"

The after a few quotes from your post...


"'No One Is Illegal a depraved, Trotskyite group' LOL"

"''The cult also believes that Jews should dress like Eastern Europeans in the early 17th Century, which accounts for their clown-like costumes.' Holy shit! who is the anti-semite now?"

"Hahaha, funniest thing i have read all day."

"'"The group also functions as a rare social outlet for marginalized, unattractive lesbians with few other social venues.' I identify w/ that"


"What a crazy read. Who writes like that?"

"'The group also functions as a rare social outlet for marginalized, unattractive lesbians with few other social venues.' - I think he took this quote from Margaret Cho, I could be wrong though."

"Je savais pas qu'il y avait encore autant de Trostkiste et de malade mentaux!"

"OMG hilarious!!!"

Richard K said...

Well, thanks for the feedback. If there's anywhere one wants to find deep thinking, one need look no further than the masturbatory self-congratulation of the half-wits who belong to an anti-Zionist facebook page. I appreciate your verifying that assessment with the collection of their witty, clever responses.

Richard K said...

Oh, and I`ll do you a favor and help you out with something your idiot friends from the anti-Zionist facebook page think they`ve latched on to.

I see they are claiming that my mocking of the lunatic cult Neutrei Karta is `anti-Semitic.` That`s just another reflection of your group`s stupidity.

Neutrei Karta is a small, extremist cult with bizarre beliefs that intermarries within its own tiny community. They are depraved enough to have figuratively and literally (with hugs and kisses) embraced the Holocaust-denying Iranian president Ahmadinejad in their zeal to find common cause with anyone else seeking Israel`s destruction.

Deriding that group of fools is no more anti-Jewish than deriding the cretinous, disgusting Westboro Baptists who appear with their `God Hates Fags` placards is anti-Christian.

The attempt to extrapolate being anti Neutrei Karta to being against all Jews is so utterly idiotic that it conclusively establishes your group of fanatics as a gang of imbeciles.

Yorkie said...

What's anti-semitic is your statement that "The cult also believes that Jews should dress like Eastern Europeans in the early 17th Century, which accounts for their clown-like costumes" - a view that denigrates and shows a hostility towards Hasidim in general as well as many non-Hasidic Orthodox Jews.

Richard K said...

No, it isn't. And again, it's tedious having these interactions with someone like you who is either disingenuous or is a total idiot. However, as this seems to be turning into a Monty Python routine, I'll have fun with it, you slow-witted tree sloth.

First of all not even all Hassids dress in knee britches and wear round beaver hats. But in any case, the dress and beliefs of the Neutei Karta are based on a particular (and rather dumb) interpretation of commentaries on the Talmud written many centuries after the texts on which those commentaries are based. It is not the "religion" of Judiaism nor their ethnicity that requires it. Neutrei Karta are a weird and imbecilic sect and mocking them is less anti-Semitic than it would be anti-Catholic if a Dominican mocked a Jesuit. Similarly it I made fun of religious Amish people it might not be very nice, but only a moron would describe it as "anti-Christian."

Given that you are either a Prof or student at a 3rd rate school like York U, you're probably much too stupid to understand any of this.

In any case, what are you doing leaving comments on my blog at 10:40 pm on a Friday night? I was out drinking with friends. You've been spending more time on my blog the last few days than I have. (I have tracking software and I can tell). That's what's wrong with you half-wits, you have no life or purpose, so you find find these idiotic issues with a bunch of like-minded losers as a substitute for a social life. Go join a dating site, or find a more productive hobby, like watching pornography or trying to get into the Guinness Book of Records for swallowing the most safety pins.

The Hammer said...

I was talking with a Jordani-Palestinian friend about the Arab Women Uprising group on facebook. She mentioned a Palestinian rally that night at the university for "Palestinian" rights. She had no interest in it but thought I might.

I told her I used to go to those but stopped when I realized most people there are more interested in attacking Jews than supporting Palestinians. Then I asked if anything had changed over the years or are these events still about attacking Jews. My friend started to laugh really hard and said "Yeah, that is pretty much what they are about. Attacking Jews."

The Palestinians are just pawns used to sheild the anti-semitism of these groups.

The Hammer said...

What all this leads to is a culture in which radical anti-semitism is acceptable. And a culture where this happens: http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/11/23/quebec-radio-host-encourages-caller-who-declared-holocaust-the-most-beautiful-thing-to-happen-in-history/

Someone calls a latenight Quebec radio show and says the Holocaust “the most beautiful thing to happen in history.”

Not shocking that someone who thinks like this lives in our society. They always have. The shocking part is that this radio host did not cut her off. He engaged her and talked to her for a good who. He then cautions her that in Canada you cannot offend Jews and that he finds Jews annoying sometimes.


Dr.Dawg said...

Just stumbled across this. You are not banned at my site. Asfa as I know, you never have been.