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Friday, November 9, 2012

Your chance to tell the Toronto District School Board where to stick their social engineering policies

When civic officials hold Community Consultations, the process is often misleading and disingenuous. Bureaucrats have spent many hours and a lot of expense in formulating policies and proposals that reflect their goals. "Community Consultations" usually only occur after that work has been done and frequently are there to give the false impression that they are paying attention to what the public wants. But the result is that they only hear those comments that validate their pre-formed plans and discard the rest.

But politicians and government apparatchiks are sensitive to opinion, if only in self-interest and in the face of overwhelming public outcry will sometimes alter their grand visions for the sake of their careers.

Which is why as many people as possible who are concerned about the direction public education is veering should attend the Toronto District School Board consultation meetings coming up next week and later in the month.

The TDSB is soliciting public input on their "K-12 strategy" and many people following the news about public schools have been alarmed at how their strategy so far has included celebrating communist, totalitarian mass-murderers, encouraging teens to develop relationships by inserting vegetables in their anuses, encouraging transvestism and converting school space into gender-segregated mosques. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. From the educrats perspective, schools are as much a place for social engineering as they are for education. A Marxist-informed curriculum featuring a very particular and peculiar concept of "social justice" characterizes your children's daily experience and that should be a cause of grave concern.

The next public consultation is on Tuesday, November 13, 7 PM,  at Central Technical School for those people who live in Toronto's downtown Ward 10.

Other consultation dates and locations can be found at this TDSB web page.

The TBSB wants to expand its involvement with community organizations. So far, that sort of involvement has included sending kids to tag along with the violent anti-capitalist group the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, an organization that calls for class warfare. It also includes sending children who have no real concept of the issues involved to protest against the Keystone pipeline.

For those who cannot be there in person, make sure you give the TDSB your input through this questionnaire.

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