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Friday, June 14, 2013

A crazy Falk who is indicative of everything that is wrong with the United Nations

The UN's anti-Semitic, 9-11 conspiracy theorist Richard Falk continued to disgrace the world body by appearing on "Truth Jihad" a radio show hosted by a delusional, lunatic hatemonger named Kevin Barrett.

Barrett, who writes for the innocuously-named but virulently anti-Semitic,  Holocaust-denying website Veterans Todaymaintains the 9-11 al Qaida terror attacks are a "false flag operation" perpetrated as an excuse to wage a world war on all Muslims, among whom he numbers himself.

Current US President Obama reversed a decision of his predecessor and allowed American participation in the UN's discredited, ironically-named "Human Rights Council" that employs Falk. The UN"s Human Rights Council includes nations which are among the worst human rights violators on Earth.

Thanks to the Obama administration's decision, Falk's salary is paid, in part, by US taxpayers whom he continues to insult. 

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