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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hamilton Police finally evict illegal Enbridge protesters after letter fro CANACE's Gary McHale threatens legal action

A group of professional protesters have been illegally occupying an Enbridge pumping station in Hamilton, Ontario in opposition to the Gas company's involvement with the Alberta Oil Sands pipeline.

Until today, Hamilton police refused to enforce the law to remove the protesters and actually supported them.

However yesterday, Gary McHale of the rights group CANACE sent a letter to Hamilton police:

..promising that he and his supporters would gather evidence and lay charges using Canada’s Private Prosecution provisions in the Criminal Code, including against police officers who might obstruct the gathering of that evidence:
“Starting next week we will, without notice, appear at the illegal occupation in order to video tape criminal behaviour, which includes mischief, and then file private prosecution charges against the protesters. Apparently these protesters believe they can block people from videotaping them – this, of course, is mischief as ruled by the courts.
“If your officers attempt to interfere in the gathering of evidence they too could be arrested and prosecuted on a charge of obstructing justice. Police cannot aid in criminal behaviour and they cannot interfere with the justice system.
Within 24 hours of receiving McHale's threat, Hamilton police finally acted to enforce the law, clearing the Enbridge site and arresting a number of the protesters.

Of course, the timing could also have had something to do with Enbridge getting a Court injunction yesterday to clear the protesters...

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