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Monday, June 17, 2013

Undercover Kitty's guide to the cretinous history of the violent, Marxist, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

UPDATE: 25/6/13 - Google cache as well as UnderCover Kitt's blog are now gone for the time being., so links below this update may not work. However, to get an idea of the despicable people behind and involved  with OCAP, you can see these posts HERE, HERE, HERE HERE, and HERE

UPDATE: 25/6/13  5:15 pm Good news, everyone! GenuineWitty has archived Undercover Kitty's posts, so you can view the OCAP expose. Here is PART 1   PART 2  and PART 3
OCAP and John Clarke are affiliated with an number of groups including the New Socialists who John Clarke described as OCAP’s “Sein Feinn”, plus the Communist Party of Canada, No One Is Illegal Toronto and other groups such as the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations.

More of Part 1 HERE   (UPDATE: UndercoverKitty's blog was taken down by Wordpress under mysterious circumstances. The link to the cached version of Part 1 is HERE)

John Ronald Clarke, who likes the humble title of OCAP organiser, but is their defacto leader and owner. Born May 16, 1954. (Some reports claim he was born on May 26) John emigrated to Canada from England as a sponsored immigrant by his sister. He  worked from 1976 to 1982 at the London Westinghouse Plant (Ontario)when he was laid off.  His labor union which he was quite active in,  hated him would  not support him. He subsequently formed the Union of Unemployed Workers and in 1989 created the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. John Clarke  was a worker  factory,  laid off  in 1982.  After losing his job, he helped form a union of the unemployed. In 1990, this organization helped out in the campaign that led to the formation of OCAP. In the autumn of 1990, the founding conference of OCAP took place. After some debate, it set a course for the organization that committed it to mobilizing poor and homeless people to fight back through militant, direct action

Part 2 is HERE (UPDATE: UndercoverKitty's blog was taken down by Wordpress under mysterious circumstances. The link to the cached version of Part 2 is HERE

OCAP's imbeciles in action:


The Hammer said...

Oh god. No One Is Illegal is part of this too :S

Anonymous said...

This can only be the work of a mangy, obese pig. You know who I'm talking about......

sanwin said...

Looks like the cache is gone too.

Unknown said...

You can't keep a cat down for too long. I've recovered UndercoverKity's articles and posted them here:


The images still need to be (manually) put back up, but all of this stories are available to be read there now. And, considering how hard people are trying to suppress them- highly worth the read!

Richard K said...

Nice work, Greg - I've updated the post above with those links. Thanks!

Groucho said...

Why are you demonizing them by claiming they are communists?

Oh yah. That short mouthy woman with the grey hair and british accent is Cathy Holliday, the perpetual Communist Party of Canada candidate for Toronto Centre in both federal and provincial elections. I don't know why she runs in Toronto Centre when she owns a huge house she lives in all alone in Parkdale!

Karl Marx must be turning in his grave to see these OCAP people who lobby for money and donations in his name.