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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

John Stossel: Why Libertarians Have Better Things to Worry About Than the NSA

...So it's invasive, probably illegal and maybe useless. I ought to be very angry. But I'm not. Why? 
I need to keep thinking about this issue, but for now, two reasons: 
1. Terrorists do want to murder us. If the NSA is halfway competent, Big Data should help detect plots. 
2. My electronic privacy has already been utterly shredded by Google, Amazon, YouTube and so on. 
They know with whom I talk, what interests me and how much time I spend doing this or that. They creep me out with targeted ads. How did they know I want that?! Oh, right ... I spent an hour searching ...
Then I go outside in New York City, where 16 cameras record me on my way to work.
Greedy lawyers can subpoena my private records. My employer has a right to read my emails. 
My privacy is already blown.

What should really worry Americans is when Comrade Barack sends his secret police to search the homes of people just because they made fun of him.

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