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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Using your kids for their activism: TDSB is manipulating students into becoming tools for radical organizations

Public education was conceived to provide children with the tools to succeed in society. Reading, numeracy, an understanding of the history and the functions of government where they live are essential components for that success.

What public education is not supposed to be is a system in which activist teachers and administrators use children as tools to further their own politicized agendas.

But the latter is precisely what is happening at The Toronto District School Board.

The TDSB Ecological School Guide is pushing for students in grade schools to participate campaigns to pressure the Prime Minister of Canada to comply with the objectives of the radical Council of Canadians. That organization, headed by Maude Barlow, is a far-left lobby group which funds the neo-Marxist website rabble.ca,  has supported the anti-Israel movement in Canada and wants the absurd Occupy Movement's efforts to make the class warfare an acceptable aspect of political discourse.

The TDSB's guide also lionizes and encourages to emulate activists involved in partisan and highly politicized  forms of activism like that practiced by David Suzuki and Ursula Franklin. Franklin is a fanatical hypocrite whose extremist form of pacifism, had it been implemented by The United States, Canada and Britain at the time of her youth, would have led to her death in the Nazi labor camp where she was consigned during the Second World War.

Suzuki, who has enriched himself through being at the forefront of opposition to Canadian energy policy goals like the development of Alberta's Tar Sands, is made out by the TDSB to be a hero and founder of an activist dynasty.

His daughter, Severn Cullis-Suzuki, who promotes her father's, unproven, scientifically disputed itinerary,  is the subject of a lengthy case study which portrays her to students as a heroine and princess of activism.

This is only part of the TDSB's ongoing indoctrination of students to be used as tools by radical, far left political activists.

Working with the extremist institution, the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, The TDSB is introducing    activism in subjects like mathematics at the grade school level.

Toronto's Public School Board has engaged with fanatical, violent anti-capitalism groups like the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, the leader of which has openly called for class warfare. The TDSB has employed Tim McCaskell, the spokesperson for the depraved group of hypocrites, Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, to train students to engage in activism.

The education system in Toronto is badly broken. While teachers are being laid off and millions are wasted on corrupt spending practices, money is always found to indoctrinate students to compliance with the latest radical trend.

The TDSB's Board is oblivious to serious criticism as is the Provincial Ministry of Education, which is responsible for the curriculum throughout Ontario's schools. The only answer to the problem may rest in changing Ontario's government. That option may have to wait a while as Premier Kathleen Wynne has made it clear there is no shape into which she will not contort herself in order to hold on to power for as long as she can.

h/t Matthew Lau


Unknown said...

The Council of Canadians are a big part of the reason there was violence during the 2010 Olympics in Toronto- they've openly admitted this. CoC leaders have also openly supported the criminals behind the damage at the G20. It blows my mind to see them in our schools...


Richard K said...

I think you meant Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics and Toronto fr the G20, but your point is well taken and yes, it's a disgrace that the TDSB is imposing this propaganda in public schools.

The Director and Chief Academic Officer, whom are responsible for this abuse of power, should be dismissed immediately.

Unknown said...

Yes, that was a typo- but, the CoC's supported the criminals from both. Check out this Zach Ruiter video where you can see the CoC's Roy Brady standing up for the anarchists after they stirred-up trouble at George Horton's sentencing. You'll also see Sakura Saunders saying "all he did was kick the door of a cop car", and "Flagpole Alex"- the guy who nearly cracked my skull open last year, and Julian Ichim- the guy who interrupted Remembrance Day...