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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Canadian reporter for Iran's PRESS TV tries to "out" Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister with homophobic conspiracy theory

It may be inconceivable for Iranians, in whose country homosexuality is considered a grave sin and is punishable by death, that Canada affords equal rights to Gays and respects sexual orientation as a personal matter. It may surprise them further that legally and in the opinion of virtually every credible person in leadership positions in Canada, an individual's sexual orientation is immaterial to their ability to perform their job.

So it's understandable that homophobic Canadian acolytes of Iran's monstrous dictatorship would try to tie a politician's alleged sexual orientation his exercising his role in government.

That is what, Joshua Blakeney, the Canadian correspondent for Iran's propaganda service, PRESS TV has done to try to rationalize Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird's strong support for Israel.

Previously, in a typically irrational diatribe about a small, unimpressive protest against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford that Blakeney tried to magnify beyond reality, he digressed into a weird, homophobic theory. Evidently forgetting that Gays have equal rights in Canada, as opposed to the persecution they face by his Iranian paymasters, Blakeney suggested Canada's government is "replete with homosexuals" who could be targets for blackmail, thus accounting for particular national policies.

Taking it a step further, Blakeney is now naming names, Clearly quite clueless about how government works in Canada, he has attempted to explain that Canada's stalwart support for Israel is due to, Blakeney alleges, Foreign Affairs Minister Baird being Gay.

John Baird is the most principled, honorable and effective individual to hold the office of Foreign Affairs Minister in generations. He has condemned specific human rights abuses and has been outspoken against dictatorships and nations that trample on freedom, like Iran, more forcefully than any of his predecessors since Confederation.

But what irrational, uninformed people like Blakeney don't realize is that the Canadian Foreign Minister, despite the title, does not make foreign policy. The Prime Minister, with advice from Cabinet has final say on foreign policy decisions, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs would never act without that approval.

Blakeney is someone who is obsessed with conspiracy theories. An apostle of the University of Lethbridge's very weird 9-11 conspiracy theorist professor Anthony J. Hall,  the pair seem virtually enraptured in their delusional, bizarre paranoia. Almost every one of Blackeney's PRESS TV reports includes an interview with Hall offering another lunatic conspiracy, like the one where he claimed the Canadian government was killing off wild salmon to subjugate aboriginals in British Columbia.

Whatever John Baird's sexual orientation is may be of import to Blakeney and his Islamist, Gay-murdering bosses in Iran, but to Canadians, the only thing that matters is that he is doing a good job of running his Ministry. And in that, Baird has excelled.

Blakeney commences his deranged report with the statement "whenever a prominent statesman prioritizes the national interest of of a foreign country over the national interest of his own country, it behooves journalists to ask uncomfortable questions."

Prime Minister Harper, like Baird, has plainly articulated the reasons for supporting Israel and they are based on common sense and common interest. Israel is a liberal democracy, like Canada, defending itself from anti-democratic, repressive, terror-supporting, totalitarian states like Iran and Syria.

It seems Blakeney, who also writes for the Holocaust denying, anti-Semitic website Veterans Today, is the Will Rogers of conspiracy theories; he never met one he didn't like.

But it doesn't take a conspiracy theory to explain where Blakeney's interests lie. A person is most likely to represent the interests of those who pay them. As Watergate journalists Woodward and Bernstein understood, to get the answer, follow the money.

John Baird is paid by the Canadian government. Joshua Blakeney is in the employ of Canada's enemy, the government of Iran.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling certain lefty websites will miss this completely

sanwin said...

Remind me again why Blakeney is in this country ?

Unknown said...

It's not like this is news anyhow, Xtra 'outed' Baird in 2010...


Anne said...

Conspiracy theorists are unreachable. It is almost like a mental illness, except they apparently can function in day to day life.

The Hammer said...

Genuinewitty says Blakeney is due to go to Korea as the corespondent there. Maybe he has been put on notice to leave Canada.

Richard K said...

Wee, you have to hand it to Hall and Blakeney for originality - it takes a pretty twisted interpretation to figure it's part of a Zionist conspiracy.

Winston said...

It is currently illegal to do business with Iran's regime. Why is this a$$hole being paid by the Iranians?

Anonymous said...

Good thing Baird's not a lesbian or you'd be mocking and deriding him.

Richard K said...

Not sure where you're getting that from, Anon. Is there some medication you forgot to take this morning?

Anonymous said...

compromised anyone? Outed did you say? That squirrel running around this cage of ideas? Why does anyone vote for a 'kept people'? Indigenous didn't do so good from Spanish or French or English. In the 1900-1903 war to conquer the Philippines, the U.S. killed more than 1 million people. Palestinians aren't doing so good either. Phosphorus is not digestible. Now they don’t get water and that means they get no love from the Israeli’s. They are not getting punked. Way beyond that.