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Thursday, June 20, 2013

A legal loophole that lets bureaucrats search your home without a warrant

by Brian Lilley
Imagine being at work one day when a platoon of government bureaucrats bust in and begin to raid the workplace. Would you assume your bosses were doing something illegal, like running a marijuana grow-op in the backroom? 
Or, it might be as simple as asking to hire someone under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. 
As part of the changes to fix the troubled program, bureaucrats could soon have the power to raid a workplace that is part of the program without a search warrant. 
Here’s how the proposed regulations currently read: 
“An officer, while exercising their powers and performing their duties, and any person accompanying the officer, may enter on or pass through private property and is not liable for doing so. Unless the property is a dwelling-house, no person has a right to object to that use of the property and no warrant is required to enter on or pass through the property.” 
Think about that for a moment.

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