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Monday, June 10, 2013

Amy Goodman & Canada's radical media who promote violent revolutionaries

The two most barefaced promoters of political violence in Canada are Rabble.ca and The Media Co-Op. Both publications have put extensive effort into supporting violent activists, and helping to promote them as ‘political prisoners’ while they passed through the courts for their crimes. That may be fair prior to conviction, but Rabble and TMC continued even past their convictions.

TMC often takes things much further than Rabble- rather than just promoting the antics of violent criminals, they actually give violent activists a platform to brag about and promote further crimes. TMC allows their members to do all this anonymously- they’ve also allowed anonymous posters to use their publication to distribute unproven smears against those they disagree with.

Amy Goodman supports both Rabble and the Media Co-Op

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