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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Gunter – CBC’s boss must think we’re fools

...Despite an elaborate rollout campaign, including high-priced ads showing hip, young CBC employees erasing the French-language services’ old names for its radio, television, canned music and digital news services and replacing them with “Ici,” Lacroix was adamant that CBC — which receives $1.1 billion a year from Canadian taxpayers — was always going to keep “Canada” on its letterhead and business cards.

It’s amazing what fools Lacroix must imagine we all are to fall for his disingenuous explanation. The CBC, desperate as always to woo Quebecers (who the corporation believes are more sophisticated and socially aware than the rest of us), fully intended to eliminate as many references as possible to stodgy old Canada. It wanted to cast off boring Canada, so fashionable young Quebecers would not see Radio-Canada as unworthy, boring and (gasp!) federalist.

The CBC’s rebranded Quebec slogan could have been “Please love us. We’ll even deny our heritage if you’ll just pay attention to us again.”

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