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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Idiots on Toronto City Council pass resolution to give vote to non-citizens

A tiered, quasi-undemocratic voting system pushed by leftists councillors, if approved, could see the mayor  elected based on who gets the most second-place votes.

Even more idiotic, despite more than half of Torontonians objecting to the plan,  21 imbeciles on Toronto's Council voted, against an opposition of 20,  to give the vote to non-citizens.



The Hammer said...

The ivory tower anti-Ford cult think this will lead to the defeat of Rob Ford. They are under the impression that only old white men vote for Rob Ford.

They are in for another rude awakening.

Reader said...

On the telly they said that the Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne says that she will support such a move!

I think that is going to scare any rural votes away from the Liberals.

Richard K said...

For those of us not already scared away by her incompetence, complicity in wasting half a billion in public funds and the impending tax hikes.