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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anarchist professional protesters vandalize West Toronto

From GenuineWitty:

Back in November a group of anarchists and militant protesters connected to Occupy Toronto converged on West Toronto in protest of a nuclear fuel processing plant run by GE-Hitachi. Led by Zach Ruiter, the protest quickly became a farce. The people in the neighbourhood were unhappy how the publicity hurt their property values- many became quite hostile to Zach’s regularly blocking neighbourhood traffic with his motley crew of dissidents. There was some dissent within the ranks too after Ruiter turned his marches into cop-baiting sessions.
This week it’s become clear how negative of an impact of Ruiter’s protests have had on the neighbourhood. The protesters have progressed from causing simple inconveniences to vandalizing infrastructure across several city blocks. All together 32 pirces of anti-nuclear graffiti have been identified- stretching from Dupont & Bartlett up to St Clair and across to Landsdowne avenue. The people I’ve spoken to in the area are far from impressed…

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The Hammer said...

This is an excellent article by Greg. Zach is a clown who pretends to be trying to help this community. Instead all he is doing is vandalizing it.