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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Federal NDP Deputy Leader promotes vibrator-dispensing sex party on her website

You've got to hand it to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair. He has a reputation for anger management issues and being a bit...off in the head.

So what better way to make himself look even-keeled and reasonable than to assign the two Deputy Leader roles to a pair of whack-jobs next to whom, by comparison, he is the model of sanity.

In that context, it makes sense he assigned those roles to Israel-hatin,' 9-11 conspiracy nut Loony Libby Davies, from the the junkie-haven of East Vancouver and on the Atlantic side of the country, Israel-hatin' Megan Leslie, who is promoting a sex party where free vibrators are on offer.

Given the NDP's constituency, this may be a good move for Leslie, but how it makes the national party look opens up other questions.

h/t BC Blue


Unknown said...

Now if they were discretely smoking rock with a few Somali gamgbangers ...

Richard K said...

You secretly love Ford, Skippy. Just come out and admit it.

And I've said it before, Ford even if he were on crack, is still better than these NDP clowns. I haven't heard of Frod coming out with the idiotic conspiracy theories, or ways to piss taxpayer money away that the NDP does as its modus operandi.

Unknown said...

As I've said, Hizzoner is a source of constant amusement for me, but that's true of any number of human oddities.

But I'm sad that you've come out against dildo parties, which decent people everywhere agree should be above partisan politics.

Richard K said...

With the NDP crazies behind it, I have no doubt it would end up leading to something as appalling as "pegging", which is not something I could get behind. And most certainly would not want to allow to get behind me.


Unknown said...

Linking to Jezebel, which is owned by Gawker, is a cute move.

May the circle be unbroken!