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Monday, June 24, 2013

NDP and Union-linked groups aid the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service is a federal agency which, in the words of its mission statement is "dedicated to the protection of Canada's national security interests and the safety of Canadians." Like any other branch of government, it's not perfect, but their goal is to serve Canada and to foil its enemies, so who would say that Canadians should not cooperate with it under any circumstances?

Operation Maple at Occupy Toronto
The obvious answer is: Canada's enemies and those working in tandem with them.

The first time I heard of group called "Operation Maple" was when I encountered its representative among the angry radicals and mentally-ill street folk that comprised the disorganized, cult-like, public service union-financed Occupy Toronto campground a year and a half ago.

The Operation Maple representative, dressed in an astronaut costume, was one of a slew of self-promoting weirdos who appeared at the outdoor loon-fest. So despite looking like a finalist in a Halloween costume contest, he blended in perfectly with his surroundings.

But rather than a one-off, Operation Maple, like Occupy Toronto's initial incarnation that has since crumbled,  turns out to be a well-financed, partisan, NDP and union-linked astroturf (fake grass roots) effort designed to promote a disturbing agenda. That includes demonizing politicians who aren't on the far left, and bizarrely, to act as promoters for fanatics allied with Canada's enemies in the terror-sponsoring regime in Iran.

NDP MP Olivia Chow palling it up
with Operation Maple spokesman
Operation Maple's website lets visitors know they are the same people behind a film called "Poor no More" which stars CBC comedienne Mary Walsh. The film is an unabashed polemic promoting union interests.  Mary Walsh may be far from the peak of her career, but renting her costs more money than the typical grass roots group has at its disposal. Still, her fee would be insignificant to the affluent Public Service and other unions.

More ominously, a recent Operation Maple video devoted to paranoid ravings about "criminalizing dissent" in Canada, that doesn't actually delineate how in any way dissent has been criminalized, features a creepy Hamilton, Ontario activist by the name of Ken Stone.

Olivia Chow stands shoulder-to-shoulder
with Khomeinist hatemonger Zafar Bangash
If all you had to go by was the information provided by Operation Maple's paranoid Scott Garland, this time sans spaceman outfit, one could easily draw the conclusion that CSIS agents arrived unannounced at Stone's home to intimidate him simply because he is an activist who dissents from government policy.

Bolstered by Stone's self-serving account, it seems these agents of the Canadian police state approached him merely because he wrote an editorial proposing Canada soften its stance towards the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Ken Stone at Zaraf Bangash's
Khomeinist al Quds Day rally
The truth, however, is substantially different than Operation Maple's version of things.

It was not because of criticism of the Harper government in Stone's asinine editorial in The Hamilton Spectator that instigated an inquiry from CSIS. It was that combined with the fact that he went to Iran as a paid guest of the world's leading state-sponsor of terrorism.

Back in Canada, Stone continues to serve the interests of the dictatorship of Iran's brutal mullahs. He has done radio interviews to try to promote the homicidal dictatorship of Bashar al Assad in Syria, one of Iran's few regional allies.

Iran has tried to influence radical groups in Canada.  It is little wonder that Ken Stone has also tried to infuse himself in that Native movement, which is being courted by Stone's allies in Iran.

Operation Maple's anti-CSIS video
promotes pro-Iran Ken Stone
Interestingly, in the Operation Maple video, Stone describes receiving a phone call from someone he describes as an "Imam in Toronto." What Stone fails to mention in the video but has noted elsewhere is that the Imam was none other than the notorious Khomeinist hatemonger, Zafar Bangash.

Bangash is a racist fanatic who has delivered anti-Semitic threats in Canada on behalf of the Iranian Mullahs

Operation Maple's  recommended links are almost identical to those affiliated with rabble.ca, a website published by the spouse of NDP Deputy Leader Libby Davies. They include the NDP think tank The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, the radical, anti-globalization and anti-Israel group, the Council of Canadians, Public Service Unions like OPSEU, and other organizations on the hard left that have expressed positions that were soft on Iran's apocalyptic, misogynistic dictatorship.
Take back Canada for whom? ...Iran?

Hamilton radical Ken Stone has resembled a clownish parody of far-left activism dating back to the 1960's. According to the Toronto Star, when accepting his Bachelor's Degree at the University of Toronto, Stone  "ripped his diploma in two." Then, "Fellow niggers" the 21-year-old shouted in front of other University of Toronto graduates, professors and his uncomprehending parents. "Look what Mr. Charlie's done to your minds." (Mr. Charlie was a disparaging reference to white people.)."

CSIS is charged with defending the interests of democracy in Canada, while people siding with dictatorships like Iran and Syria pretend they are democracy's champions. It doesn't take much to figure who, between them,  is more credible. For some time, radical groups have been utilized, sometimes wittingly and sometimes not, by foreign nations hostile to the west.

Operation Maple and radicals like Ken Stone may appear too ridiculous to take seriously. But  the implications of powerful public unions, Native movements and even Canada's Official Opposition being utilized by Canada's enemies in Iran is something that we disregard at our own peril.

CBC comedienne Mary Walsh fronting for the anti-CSIS people's film.


Unknown said...

Great article- it brings it all together. Operation Maple created the first video promoting Occupy Toronto too. Here's the link:


Anonymous said...

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and its brother/sister org Rideau Institute is run by Stephen Staples and funded by CPCML.
"think tank" how about socialist propaganda agency. And CBC interviews them all the time

Richard K said...

Don`t forget the bubblehead Parliamentary page who held up the `Stop Harper` sign was an intern at Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. That how she got her gig as a page; through them.

The people behind `Operation Maple` do work for the CBC too.

Anonymous said...

Great exposé Richard.

Gilles Pembroke