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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The socialist brainwashing of Canada's public school students

From Matthew Lau:

...Schools have been teaching critical race theory and pushing radical sex-ed to students. They ignore climate science and try to shape their students into left-wing environmentalists. Yet another piece of their left-wing political activism is the anti-capitalist brainwashing that teachers continually push onto their students.
Teachers have no problem displaying their hatred of capitalism. They write for socialist websites and attend seminars where they are told that “high taxes, big government and big social programs are the key to creating a globally competitive and equal society”. Many teachers hate capitalism so much that they believe all of society's problems are a direct result of capitalism. Capitalism is supposedly responsible for “multiple structures of oppression” including “heterosexual privilege”. Teachers further allege that “racism as an ideology and practice has a history rooted in... capitalism”. They claim that “capitalism has completely destroyed” the “normal basis for child development” and blame capitalism for “creating particularly perilous times for educators”. The Alberta Teachers' Association (ATA) believes rich people are at the centre of what they call the “circle of oppression”.
According to the British Columbia Teachers' Federation (BCTF), “Capitalist societies serve to further the interests of dominant, elite groups in society”, and capitalist societies are propped up by media propaganda. The BCTF also claims, “capitalism has entered an ugly new era, one that may work well for the shareholders of the world, but not for the rest of us” and that “global capitalism is ecologically and socially unsustainable”. The ATA is more blunt: “Come up with an attainable goal. How about ending capitalism? Noble”.
If teachers don't want capitalism, what is it that they are trying to achieve? Apparently, the ATA doesn't think communism is too bad.
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Anonymous said...

But if our public schools don't teach kids how to masturbate with vegetables who will? Are you a vegetablephobe?

Why can't groups like OCAP and the Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid be invited by progressive teachers to spend time with our young children to mould them into the sort of adults needed for a future anarcho-marxist utopia?

You must be a white male oppressor or even worse a zionist to be against the progressive agenda. You need to go to a re-education camp!

Richard K said...

You're probably right. And to think, when I was a kid, I used to resist eating vegetables. Had I only known there were worse vegetable possibilities out there, eating them wouldn't sound so bad.

On the other hand, maybe it's just as well I never knew. If I had known what those other vegetable possibilities were, I'd probably never put one in my mouth again.

After all, you never know where that zucchini might have been.