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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Incompetent Ontario Premier Wynne set to punish Toronto for electing Rob Ford

...[Kathleen Wynne's] government plans to make up the cash it needs to sustain the Sunshine List lifestyle the public sector is accustomed to.

Within seconds of seeing this disgraceful sight came word from the provincial government that it will be cutting Toronto’s funding thanks to their incompetent money management.

But it was more of a direct shot at Mayor Rob Ford personally — on the backs of Torontonians but designed to hurt his chances of re-election.

The message was made disgracefully clear by, in essence, sending the message, “So you want to be fiscally prudent, eh, fat boy? Watch this.”


Unknown said...

So, Ford is a 'good guy' if he cuts the city budget by a reported $Billion... but Wynne is bad because she doesn't give Toronto $50million... that's an interesting perspective.

Richard K said...

You don't seem to understand the difference between reducing government spending and shifting spending responsibility. And that figure is actually $150 million, but what's another $100 million in taxes to a Liberal?

The money that the Liberals had promised and Wynne is reneging on is money that the City is committed to using and that the Province had promised to compensate for downloading services to the City, like social services.

If you're happy with Toronto cutting welfare payments and services to the homeless to balance the shortfall, then there won't be a need for service fee or tax increases.

This is just Wynne and her gang of incompetent, spend-crazy hypocrites shifting a new tax requirement onto Torontonians without any commensurate reduction in provincial taxes.

Anonymous said...

You're so laughingly partisan it's impossible to take anything you say seriously. The only reason for reading your blog is it's so pathetically funny. Rob Ford can do no wrong and Kathleen Wynne - well she's a lesbian. You really should get some counselling to deal with your issues with women.

Richard K said...

Well, anonymous, clearly you're a moron with serious comprehension problems.

When have I ever derided Wynne because of her sexual orientation? I don't care about people's sexuality, I care about Wynne's complete lack of competence.

However, I am glad you regularly visit and comment on my blog, which you evidently detest, because you find it funny.

The more obvious explanation is that you're a sad, miserable, obsessive troll who feels the need to abase yourself at the altar of Wynne's Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Could be worse, I could be abasing myself at the alter of the Brothers Ford as you do. I mean, you could combine the Fords' IQ and they'd still be dumber than a bag of hammers but there you are prostating away.

Richard K said...

Ah, an assessment of intelligence from a gutless, mindless, anonymous Internet troll.

Pretty much sums up the bulk of Ford haters. Interesting how all the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star `sources` on their Ford stories are from that same mold.

Anonymous said...

I don't hate Ford, I just think he needs to go to rehab. People like you who don't want to do anything to prevent him from dropping dead of an overdose are the real Ford haters.

Richard K said...

Really? It's just deep-rooted concern for Ford's health that motivates you to write stuff like, "you could combine the Fords' IQ and they'd still be dumber than a bag of hammers."

So aside from being a moron, you're a lying hypocrite who can't even manage to maintain a consistent line of BS.

Like I said, pretty much sums up the bulk of Ford haters.

Anonymous said...

Completely consistent. You'd have to be dumber than a bag of hammers to use crack. Face it, if it wasn't for their inheritance, Doug would still be slinging hash to support himself and Rob would be living in a van down by the Humber River.

Richard K said...

No, not really consistent unless someone were gullible enough to buy that you were motivated by some genuine concern for the Fords.

But let's leave that aside and have some fun.

First, I'm not going to stipulate that Ford ever smoked crack (although I may have on another occasion, but I was wrong to have done so). He most certainly is not a crack addict.

But, just for the sake of discussion, let's assume Ford or some other adult tried crack. That makes them stupid?

I don't hear the people who hate Ford and have suddenly become prudes about drugs when talking about him complaining about drug use by Trudeau or Obama.

And how does trying a drug make someone dumb? Were Aldous Huxley or Hunter Thompson or Sigmund Freud dumb?

The hypocrisy of this is incredible. I know a women who has shoved as much blow up her nose as Tony Montana, and she was shouting at me the other day that Ford was not fit to be mayor because he smoked crack.

As to the Ford's, you go ahead and complain about them all you like, but they keep winning elections. That democracy thing is a bitch when it doesn't go your way, huh?

Why don't you people try running a candidate who can beat him? If you Ford haters are so smart, it shouldn't be a problem, should it?

Anonymous said...

Looks like John Tory's going to run. The sensible conservatives are abandoning Ford, the only people who are going to be left in his corner come election time are yahoos like you.