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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The infantile behavior at Toronto City Council continues

Everyone in Toronto should spend some time at City Hall to watch Council in session. It is a particularly educational, though a depressing and disillusioning experience.

City Councilors, particularly those representing wards from the old city of Toronto, routinely behave like spoiled, petulant cretins. Of those, Maria Augimeri, Gord Perks, Shelley Carroll, Janet Davis and Paula Fletcher are stand-outs of extraordinarily deplorable behavior.

Sue Ann Levy reports on the latest antics going on at our seat of municipal government: 
...six and-a-half hours of time wasted at council Wednesday on a moronic plan — hatched by Vaughan — to declare the back campus at the University of Toronto a “cultural heritage landscape” to preserve the muddy grass there, instead of installing artificial turf. 

... Because three-dozen uptight Annex residents whined to him — and because he doesn’t really care about growing Toronto economically — he was prepared to sacrifice the U of T’s role in the Pam Am Games. Six and-a-half friggin’ hours and gawd knows how much in staff resources later — all frittered away on ridiculous yakking about grass vs. turf — council voted 31-12 to go with the original plan to install, you guessed it, the turf.

...there were the usual number of childish antics from those who purport to be our leaders. Would-be mayoral candidate Karen Stintz sat mock-playing a violin while Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti spoke about the lack of funding for sports endeavours in Ward 7 — reinforcing the fact that she doesn’t have what it takes to run this city. 

Councillor Shelley Carroll repeatedly interrupted Wednesday’s proceedings, attempting to throw her weight around and to bully the weak councillors in the middle, as she does at every meeting...

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Blogwrath said...

Did you attend that meeting? It was my worst experience with the City Council and I could take only the first three hours of it.

The worst part is that Vaughan is my "representative". Here is a short video of Mammoliti trying to stop the madness: