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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Anthony Furey: In defence of Mayor Rob Ford

...People are addicted to Ford Derangement Syndrome. It makes them feel high and mighty.

The left is not outraged that Ford might be using hard drugs.

These are the people who think hard drug users are our better equals and should have free drugs and a plush place to inject them.

No, the bottom line is they don’t like that a fat, red-faced football coach with a working-class way about him is mayor. They don’t like that he’s not “people like us.” That’s all it’s ever been about...


Unknown said...

Top to bottom horseshit.

To suggest that Ford is "working-class" suggests that you don't know the meaning of the phrase. Everything he has was handed to him by his Daddy. He flaunts his wealth almost as much as he does his self-entitled stupidity.

And nobody was hurt in this saga? What about the two drug buddies of Hizzoner who were shot?

The idea that we're supposed to sit around and wait for a trial and conviction of Etobicoke Slim is too cute by half, and one that I'm sure that you wouldn't extend to a liberal under similar circumstances.

But nothing is more hilariously classic that the ravings of a "police state" from a paper and columnist that supported the worst excesses of the police chief that they're calling bullshit on now.

Want to see where Ford's continued tenure leads? wait and see what happens to the provincial and federal Tories in 416 (and maybe 905) in the next two years. I can almost assure you that it won't be pretty.

Richard K said...

Skippy, your sounding like you've caught Ford Derangement Syndrome.

Anthony didn't write that for was working class, he wrote he has a "working class way about him" which is pretty accurate as far as I can tell.

And unless Ford capped those two guys or ordered it, I have no idea why you would lay that at his doorstep.

Unknown said...

Let's see, the right was all over the police revelation of Jack Layton's rub and tug adventures 15 years prior, right?

But two guys that Ford was photographed with at a goddamned crackhouse getting shot - and one killed - doesn't warrant a mention?

I just want to make sure that we're being consistent here. And if anyone is suffereing from a "derangement syndrome," I'm pretty sure it isn't me.

Richard K said...

Ford's not-so-savory associations have gotten plenty of mentions. But unless you know something I don't, I haven't heard anything about Ford being responsible for them getting shot.

As for "Community Clinic" Jack, he wanted to be PM, which is a much bigger deal than the one Council vote the mayor of Hogtown gets.

In any case, I was never bothered by Layton getting a handjob, and wrote as much at the time. I said his mishandling of the news and his hypocrisy was the problem. Particularly from one as sanctimonious as Layton.

The difference with Rob is that this is not really all that inconsistent with what the people who voted for him expected.

I don't care about his personal life; I care about his work as a mayor, with which I'm quite satisfied.

Instead of fixating on Ford, reserve some of your outrage for Wynn'e Liberals who've stolen and wasted 2 billion dollars from us.

Unknown said...

Richardm Etobicoke Slim is either a maximum uber-fuhrer and a fiscal super hero or he's one vote on Council, but you can't have it both ways.

Further, his association with gun-toting drug gangs is very much an issue since it was less than two years ago that he himself called for the unconstitutional internal exile of same.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know if Jack would have added "sex worker" to the list of needed work categories for immigrants like the Liberal Judy Sgro did for "exotic dancer" when she was the immigration minister.