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Sunday, November 10, 2013

This is what democracy looks like to the people who hate Rob Ford

Seen at Church and Front Streets in Toronto:

h/t flea

PLUS: Rex Murphy - An early bitter Christmas for the Ford-haters
"..What the elites have not grasped is that, notwithstanding his various lifestyle sins, Mr. Ford has the gift of projecting a very basic and powerful political message: that he understands, and represents, the majority of people who do not have newspaper columns, or well-read Twitter feeds, or morning shows on CBC. " 

h/t Blazing Cat Fur


Unknown said...

The populist "elite" Media Party meme is singularly exhausting in its intellectual dishonesty.

Just how elite and powerful can you be if you're losing hundreds of millions of dollars a quarter and are faced with the constant threat of losing your job? And could anything be funnier than watching Ezra Levant decry the Media Party from within the loving embrace of Quebecor?

Look, the media is either all-powerful or it's bankrupt and ignored. It can't be both.

Richard K said...

Seriously, Skippy, you're telling me that you don't think The Sun operates as an outlier within mainstream media?

I've worked in media and the phenomenon of a type of group-think that operates within the industry is no secret to anyone who has been involved with it.

The "champagne socialist" characterization may be a cliche but, like most cliches, it exists because it's something that happens so frequently. And trust me, I know a lot of them very well. These are people who have a grand vision they want to impose on the masses, whose interests they of course know better than the masses themselves.

Yes, the newspaper industry is in decline - so was the Romanov empire - but it didn't prevent it from exercising what power and influence it had, while maintaining the delusion it would go on forever, until confronted by the reality of its own demise.