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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oh No! The NDP is pissed because Prince Bonehead quoted Whorehouse Jack last night

It's like watching Dumb and Dumber get into an argument...


Anonymous said...

Whorehouse Jack! How insulting!

The Velvet Touch was a therapeutic massage centre that just happened to open only in the evenings and stay open until 3am to make things more convenient for their professional clients.

Jack went there to help out his therapist an illegal immigrant to lend her a helping hand. OK, so she in return lent him her two helping hands, but that is not the point. He was trying to financially assist an illegal immigrant.

It was tough for Jack and Olivia, with him being a Metro Councillor and Olivia a City Councillor and holding down second jobs with him teaching at Ryerson and Olivia at George Brown and trying to keep down their new cooperative housing unit at market rents well below any comparable housing that average people had access to.

Its not like Jack consorted with criminals or did anything illegal like party animal Rob Ford.

Jack was a saint. He rode a bicycle to work most days. Its not like he just about ran over pedestrians including the disabled on the sidewalks around City Hall.

It not like the NDP leader came from some privledged political family or something like his father being a Minister in Brian Mulroney's government or anything.

How dare you insult the champion of the poor who had to struggle throughout life.

Richard K said...

Hmmm.. if that comment were about anyone other than the late, beatified Layton, I might have noted a hint of sarcasm.