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Friday, November 22, 2013

Stripping Ford's powers was always about undermining democracy

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Council opponents, from Day 1 of his term, publicly committed to undermining him. When that proved difficult, they did everything they could to remove him from his job, including a number of failed court challenges.

When those failed, the foibles in his personal life was the excuse they used this week to strip him of most of his authority. As problematic as his personal behavior was, it had nothing to do with the way he performed his public duties. Despite the lies told by his Council opponents, the City's Manager said that Toronto was NOT in any crisis and the city was functioning well under Ford.

And now, only a few days later, we see their real motive - imposing high taxes that Ford would do everything he could to impose.

If Toronto City Councillors like Gord Perks, Joe Mihevc and Shelley Carroll think they've won the war, they're wrong. They won a battle, but there's an election coming in about 11 months.

At that point, it's very possible they'll learn that Torontoinians still consider a guy who takes the occasional toot of crack and goes on drunken tirades to be more competent and trustworthy than them.

Plus: Ford wins over gathering of business leaders last night


Anonymous said...

In Janet Davis' office she was overheard actually laughing how they had handcuffed Ford with what she claimed were "hundreds of FOI requests" that kept much of his staff tied up.

Anonymous said...

Do you have a source for that or did you just make it up?

Richard K said...

You know, people commenting on this site have the option of writing in names, so it's not just one anonymous person questioning another, making matters more confusing.