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Monday, November 4, 2013

Rally at Queens Park to Oppose Mass Executions in Iran: Wednesday November 6th 2013, 12:00-2:00 p.m


November 4th 2013

Attention: Assignment Editor, City Editor, News Editor, World News Editor, Government/Political News Editor

Since the [S]election of Hassan Rouhani in Iran, the Islamic Regime has gone on a rampage of mass executions in order to create an atmosphere of fear and terror among Iranians, in an attempt to prevent any opposition against the Regime. The past week alone saw the executions of more than 30 people including a well known Kurdish political prisoner Shirkuh Moarefi who was executed this morning!

Sayeh Hassan an Iranian Canadian lawyer, blogger and pro-democracy activist stated “With the [S]election of Hassan Rouhani not only has the human rights conditions in Iran have not improved but they have become considerably worse. Since Rouhani’s raise to power in June of 2013 more than 300 people have been executed in Iran. Many of the individuals who have been executed are political prisoners of Balouchi and Kurdish ethnicity including well known activists Habibullah Golparipour and Shirkuh Moarefi. There are many more political prisoners who face the imminent risk of execution.”

Ms. Hassan further stated: “It is unfortunate that the Harper Government which has been one of leaders within the International Community in condemning Iran’s Human Rights violations has decided to remain silent in the face of recent mass executions in Iran. It appears that as long as there may be a chance of small concessions by the Islamic Regime regarding the nuclear issue that the International Community including the Harper Government is willing to turn a blind eye on the massive human rights violations committed by the Islamic Regime including the mass executions.”

Ms. Hassan lastly stated: “In the face of total silence of the Canadian Government and majority of the main stream media on the issue of mass executions in Iran, Iranian Canadian activist have organized a rally for Wednesday November 6th 2013 on Queens Park from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. in order to raise awareness about the mass executions and to urge the Canadian Government and media to break their silence with respect to this issue. We invite all groups and organizations who condemn the recent executions in Iran to join us on Queens Park and say No to Executions and No to Islamic Regime in Iran!

Media Contact: Sayeh Hassan, Criminal Defence Lawyer, Blogger, Pro-Democracy Activist

Tel: 416-363-9238

Email: Sayehhassan30@gmail.com

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