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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Rape of Iranian Women on Death Row

The hypocrisy of Islamic fundamentalists' patronizing and puritanical worldview is revealed in a plethora of examples, most acutely found in the perverse sexual behaviour of "devout" males who spittle on about sexual morality at the same time that they terrorize women through marital rape, force under-age girls into marriage, engage in prostitution, indulge in pornography, and particpate in a host of other sexual activity that is properly labeled hypocrital and perverse at best, and egregiously violent at worst. But perhaps there is no more cruel and twisted example than the practice in the Islamic Republic of Iran of raping female prisoners prior to their executions. Justice for Iran, an organization dedicating to combatting the systematic sexual abuse of women as a torture method in Iran, has recently released a film about the practice, entitled Final Moments.   

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