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Monday, November 18, 2013

Rob Ford says give Toronto voters an election instead of the socialist coup d'etat

Rob Ford calls for a snap election instead of Council's conspiracy to undo his economic reforms.

PLUS: Ford does impromptu interview with John Oakley on 640AM Radio

Rob Ford promises to give his unfiltered side of the story on Sun News Network at 8 pm tonight


Unknown said...

Jesus, do you and the idiot Ford brothers even know what a coup d'etat is?

Council is only taking back powers and budgets that they themselves delegated to the mayor. And Crackhead Rob said as recently as last Friday that he himself would have voted for these motions if someone else acted like he has,

So he's lying. Again.

An election would be fun because the finial humiliation of Etobicoke Slim would be a scream to watch. But under what legal authority would it occur. We do have legally fixed election dates, you know?

Having sad that, the fastest way to put the electoral wheels in motion would be for Ford to resign.

Not that that'll ever happen.

Richard K said...

I can't speak for the Fords, but yes, I know what it means and I think they're using the term figuratively.

Having said that, the guy won by a big margin with a pretty clear mandate and I don`t think the people who put him in office will be any too thrilled to see that undermined by the dimwits on Council who collectively wouldn`t be able to manage a lemonade stand.

And Skippy, how come you aren`t blogging these days? The last entry I saw on your blog was over a month and a half ago.