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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Rob Ford "death threat" video is obviously him joking about a celebrity boxing or wrestling match

Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury observed that Rob Ford sounded like he was doing a Hulk Hogan impersonation in the latest "scandal" released of the mayor after it was purchased by The Toronto Star for $5000.

That sounds pretty close. The video was made around the time of Ford's celebrity arm wrestling match with the famous pro wrestler.

In the video, you can clearly hear Toronto Mayor Rob Ford talk about being "in that ring" and when he talks about killing and only needing "15 minutes".

He also says if he wins, he'll "donate.." One of the other people in the room talks about how Ford's opponents "are pros."

Now under what circumstances other than a celebrity boxing match/fight does someone talk about donating???

It does sound a lot like it was in the spirit of his match with The Hulkster.

Ford admits being extremely inebriated when the video was made. But is it so terrible to get drink, in private, and joke around about what you'd do in a celebrity fight, and imitate the bluster of professional fighters?

This new "scandal" with which The Star is trying to outrage Toronto is no scandal.

But after they paid for this piece of nonsense it does firmly establish that The Toronto Star is a scandal rag with about as much credibility and integrity as The National Enquirer.


Mister Mike said...

If this was true don't you think Ford would have said so himself yesterday? At this point you guys are just scraping the bottom of the barrel desperately trying to make up excuses for the guy.

Richard K said...

Ford was obviously shocked when confronted with the video and as he freely admitted, quite inebriated when it was taken.

With all the pressure and firestorm around him, and with his recent apology, his first instinct was naturally to apologize for what is the sort of performance one does not like to see of oneself in public.

But listen to the video, and those remarks don't make sense in any other context than of talking about a charity fight.

Anonymous said...

The Star's Antonia Zerbisias tweeted out a false (and poorly executed) claim I work with the police yesterday- this newspaper is a rag, and not a good one like the National Enquirer either...

Anonymous said...

Here's the problem with your theory. In his maniacal rant, Ford rails against someone who has accused himself and his brothers of being "liars, thieves" and an off camera voice urges him to wait until after the by-election. If your theory that Ford was just playacting in the lead up to his arm wrestling contest with Hulk Hogan you have to show us when the Hulkster ever accused Ford and brothers of being liars and thieves and why someone would urge the arm wrestling match be delayed til after the by-election. I look forward to your explanation.

Richard K said...

I would expect because he was drunk, he went off on that tangent about his brothers. When wrestlers do their 'trash talk' bit they sometimes list some perceived grievances about their ring enemies and he was probably just riffing.

But when he talks about being "in my underwear" and fighting, it sounds like a pretty clear allusion to pro wresting. Unless there's something else going on I can't imagine.

Unknown said...

If you're right, and his first instinct now is to apologize for everything, he's finished as a political force. And all the talking points in the world isn't going to change that.

Olivia Chow is going to annihilate him if he isn't forced out of the next campaign. Her presumed strength with the Chinese community puts North York and Scarborough in play, and Hizzoner has little to forward to but a year of disastrous headlines.

And all of that is absent a criminal charge, which I expect is forthcoming.