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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OISE's promotion of anti-Semitism, sympathy for terrorism and other forms of depraved idiocy

It's quite interesting that the only form of national self-determination in the world that comes in for condemnation at the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) is Jewish national self-determination. That discriminatory manifestation of Jew-hate is part of the institutional culture at OISE.

The institution is a Marxist cesspool of radical fanaticism, but making matters worse is that the faculty is one of the primary guiding forces in shaping the public school curriculum in Ontario. Ben Levin, the former Ontario Deputy Education Minister who attempted to introduce curriculum changes that were criticized for its over-sexualization of young children, was on staff at OISE when he was arrested on charges of producing child pornography.

Aside from sympathy for the ideas that produce pedophiles manifested at a recent OISE conference, sympathy for terrorism, particularly when it is directed against Jews, is something else the faculty promotes.

This Friday evening, OISE's Leadership, Higher and Adult Education department is presenting a talk by Birzeit University Academic Linda Tabar about her paper, "Palestine and “The Internationals”: Tracing the Domestication of Solidarity Post-Oslo.

Linda Tabar
Ms Tabar claims her paper will examine "the rise of the local concept of the internationals, which emerged during the second Palestinian intifada, as a way to critically explore some of the ways in which solidarity with the Palestinian struggle has been domesticated and transformed in the context of both the Oslo “peace process,” its pacification of the Palestinian liberation movement, and the neoliberal and US imperial hegemonies that have reframed transnational solidarity."

Note the concept of the "pacification" of the "Palestinian liberation movement."  Later in the facile, buzz-word filled description of her presentation, she elucidates that such pacification "is producing problematic recolonising relationships, where what happens in the name of solidarity not only reenacts white privilege, but reproduces Zionist settler colonial hierarchies and its racialised colonial order. The paper contrasts this with the militant tradition of solidarity that was created by the third world liberation movements in the 1970s."

If you think that sounds like thinly-veiled nostalgia for the good old days of Palestinian terrorist campaigns of suicide bombings and child murders against Israelis, there's good reason. In the description of a talk Ms Tabar gave on the same paper in Austria, where there is little compunction about public sympathy for Palestinian terrorism, she was more explicit about her sympathy for violent ideologies and wrote:
"I will aim to shed light on the new hegemonies that are competing to fill the political space once fully occupied by the Palestinian national liberation movement and its radical liberatory consciousness. In a period of global neoliberal capitalism, when an assemblage of NGO aid workers, human rights regime, political tourism and liberal cosmopolitanism mediate local-global encounters, I argue that liberal imperial hegemonies have redefined international solidarity in a way that conceals global structures of dominance, and threatens to replace a tradition of radical political solidarity with the Palestinian struggle that is based a shared anti-colonial, anti- racist, and anti-imperialist politics."
Ms Tabar's pro-terror talk is being presented at OISE by its Professor Sharzad Mojab, who previously has produced what could well be the most idiotic paper in the history of Canadian academia. In it, she attributed the erosion of women's rights in Muslim countries, not to the rise of Islamism and its repressive misogyny, but to western governments, which she alleges are "in concert with large charitable foundations and corporations to actively suppress and dismantle social movements, including the women’s movement."  

This sort of detestable nonsense with which OISE indoctrinates its students, who then go on to spread that poison throughout other education faculties in Canada, invites a pressing question.

Why does the leadership of the University of Toronto continue to acquiesce to what goes on at that vile institution?


Anonymous said...

"Why does the leadership of the University of Toronto continue to acquiesce to what goes on at that vile institution?"

Because western Official Jews don't mind marxist hate for Israeli Jews as long as their marxist brethren in OISE continue to work to destroy whites and Christians in the west.

Richard K said...

It's unlikely "western Official Jews" have all that much pull at the University of Toronto. If they did, there probably wouldn't be an annual "Israeli Apartheid Week" there.

But the idiocy that there's some Jewish conspiracy "to destroy whites and Christians in the west" suggests this link may have made its way to some Nazi morons.

Another Anonymous said...

I agree with you Richard about the first post.

But I have found some of the most vocal antisemites besides neonazis and islamists are ex-Jews who converted to marxism as their new religion even if they still claim to be Jewish as a cover to try to add substance to their hatred of Jews and jewish culture. They don't even see that they observe their beliefs as to what they think marxism is no different than a religion.

Richard K said...

Marxism knows no principles other than adherence to Marxism

Another Anonymous said...

I suspect Karl Marx would denounce most self-professed marxists as having perverted this views.

Most ironic of all is that whereas Marx said "religion is the opiate of the masses" most marxists have turned what they call marxism into their a religion.

Anonymous said...

The U of T acquiesces to this kind of non-sense because it sees no problem with it... the other faculties are involved in this sort of scholarly merit-less propagandizing as well although perhaps without the focus and zeal dedicated to de-legitimizing Israel found at OISE. For example the Law School offered this wonderful movie screening recently :


Not that U of T is particularly worse than any other mainline north american university... you would think this kind of radicalism would deter jewish alumni from giving money but it would appear not.