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Monday, November 18, 2013

Toronto's reputation is about to hit rock bottom

Sideshow Sarah Thomson is going to be on Piers Morgan's CNN show to "rehabilitate" our image.

Everything that the city rejected from the political and social so-called "elites" in Toronto that led to Rob Ford's election is embodied in the vapidity, two-faced sanctimony, attention-whoring and creepiness of Sideshow Sarah.

If she's ever considered the face of Toronto, we're really in deep shit.

UPDATE:  Here's the sanctimonious, self-promoting hypocrite on Morgan's show (click link)


Anonymous said...

The "creepiness" link seems to be broken.

Richard K said...

Thanks - fixed

Minicapt said...

How many viewers does Uncle Piers have?


Anonymous said...

Worry not, for nobody watches Piers.

Richard K said...

I don't know. A lot more than me!

But I suspect his ratings will take a dive on this particular occasion.

The Hammer said...

On Facebook she has:


Sarah Thomson · 1,420 followers
November 17 at 9:52pm near Toronto, Ontario ·

CNN is flying me to New York tomorrow for an interview with Piers Morgan Live I'm going because I think all of us need to do what we can to try to restore Toronto's image. RobFord does not define us!


I wanted to post the words "Neither do you" but could not :(

Anonymous said...

FYI, depending on the day/date and what else he's competing against (on Monday he was competing against a terrific NFL football game on ESPN / TSN) Piers Morgan's CNN show OFTEN has fewer than 100,000 total viewers ...which on cable network TV is zip, zero, nada ... that's basically travellers stranded in airports trapped with only CNN to watch.