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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Green Leader Elizabeth May to help raise funds for group that encourages terrorism against Israelis

Following accusations by Canada's Green Party leader, and sole Member of Parliament Elizabeth May, that The Jewish Tribune published an article attributing "misleading statements" to her, that news outlet released an audio tape and transcript of the entire interview.

The tape bears out that the disputed article, by reporter Joanne Hill, was accurate and in her statement of "clarification," it turns out Elizabeth May lied, or as the Jewish Tribune more delicately put it, was "factually incorrect."

The issue that caused the controversy was May's agreeing to be the featured speaker at a fundraiser for a fanatically anti-Israel organization that goes by the deceptive name of "Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East." (CJPME)

Ms. May's policies on the Israeli-Palestinian dispute are not unreasonable. They are certainly more balanced than the unhinged and uninformed statements from the Libby Davies wing of the New Democratic Party. May's bear more resemblance to that of the Liberals. But the Green Party leader, who was seen as a political outsider, has evidently adopted the tactic of telling different tales to different groups, based on what she thinks they want to hear, in order to curry favor with them.

Worse still, the group for whom her appearance is designed to garner funds is one that has put on events in which terrorism against Israelis has been encouraged.

Last year, CJPME sponsored a talk by a histrionic anti-Israel activist by the name of Eva Bartlett,  who is a member of the terror-enabling organization International Solidarity Movement.

Among the other depraved assertions made by Bartlett during her talk to a small gathering of grubby anti-Israel zealots, she stated, "violent resistance is legitimate” while making continual reference to Palestinian “martyrs." The Palestinian  'violent resistance' to which Bartlett refers has included the launching of rockets at Israeli kindergartens and suicide bombings in which children were intentionally murdered. 

While correctly identifying CJPME's stance as "anti-Israel" which she later denied having said despite proof to the contrary, and despite her claim that she "is not going to pander" to them, May's tacit approbation of the group is disturbing and irresponsible.

May is correct in her belief that one should not only speak to those with whom one agrees, but by agreeing to be part of an event designed to, and effectively assisting in raising funds for a pro-terror group is of itself a reprehensible form of pandering.

May said in the interview, which she later implicitly denied in her "clarification," that she "never considered that it was a fundraiser as opposed to just yet another speaking invitation that I was accepting. So, mea culpa ."

Though it's increasingly difficult to determine when Elizabeth May is telling the truth, ff she was honest about what she said in her interview, then May will do the right thing and cancel her participation in the upcoming CJPME fundraiser on December 5. 

To do otherwise will demonstrate more of where Elizabeth May truly stands than anything she says. Because clearly May's words are less meaningful than her actions.


Kathy Shaidle said...

Here's the delectable icing on this cake that few will get to enjoy:

Anyone who knows Joanne Hill knows she is one of the few conscientious, honest reporters around.

She doesn't care about cocktail parties or Orders of Canada or book deals. She works super hard for little $ and/or thanks.

The idea that, of all the reporters in Canada, SHE is the one May would accuse of wrong doing is too sad/funny/ironic.

Richard K said...

I can attest to Joanne's conscientiousness and professionalism.

In the aftermath of this,privately and publicly, I've heard from a number of well-known journalists who have noted that screw-ups are par for the course for Elizabeth May.

May seems like a nice enough person, but she evidently is in way over her head as a Parliamentarian.