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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Toronto mayor Ford admits having smoked crack cocaine

Speaking to reporters outside his office, Ford asked the media to repeat a question asked to him in May.

“Do you smoke crack cocaine?” a reporter said.
“Exactly. Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine,” Ford said. “I’ve made mistakes… all I can do is apologize and move on.”

“But, no, do I? Am I an addict? No.”

“Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago.”

After five months of avoiding comment on the crack cocaine scandal, the mayor suggested he was just wasn’t asked about it.

“I wasn’t lying, you didn’t ask the correct question,” Ford said.


And for those curious, I don't really care all that much for reasons delineated here 

UPDATE: Flouting all decency and regard for the electoral process, some City Councillors are trying to remove both Ford and the Deputy Mayor

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Unknown said...

Like Dan Savage reminds us, "It gets better."

On May 16, the story of the crack video breaks on Gawker and in the Star. Toronto Police start secretly investigating.

On June 4, Ford writes - on city letterhead, something that almost cost him his job earlier this year - a character reference for Sandro Lisi, who likes to beat and threaten to kill women, during the latter's sentencing.

Between May and October, Ford and Lisi meet at strange places and times on over 100 occasions. They exchange over 400 phone calls and texts.

On October 29. Lisi is charged with extortion, due to his ... unorthodox negotiating methods in recovering the crack video.

That looks a lot like a possible conspiracy to me.

Then there's this.


Umm, Oops.