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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Join me, Adam Vaughan and Carolyn Bennett for a free movie and a talk about Social Justice this Thursday evening

This Thursday (Nov. 14), beginninag at 6:30 pm at Central Technical School in Toronto, on Bathurst Street just south of Bloor, there will be a free showing of the movie Inherit the Wind, the great Stanley Kramer movie based on the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, where a teacher was tried for teaching evolution in school.

Following the movie, there will be a discussion and Q&A featuring Carolyn Bennett MP, Liberal Party Critic for Aboriginal Affairs. Toronto City Councillor Adam Vaughan, and me about Social Justice, Activism and Individuality in the schools.


Mal said...

Good Lord, Richard! Your sharing a podium with Carolyn Bennett I could possibly see. But Adam Vaughan?
Won't the full-body condom interfere with your enjoyment of the film?
I hope the evening fulfills your expectations, sir.

Richard K said...

Come on now! There are a number of political perspectives of Adam's I don't share, but I've met him and he's a very intelligent, thoughtful person. I'm looking forward to a very interesting discussion.

The Hammer said...

For those looking to understand "Social Justice" I recommend a trip to Cambodia to see what their late 70s great experiment in "Social justice" did.

Richard K said...

Indeed, a lot of very, very bad things have been done and are being done in the name of what their proponents call "social justice."

That's one of the reasons a public discussion of this nature is necessary.