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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kathy Shaidle was forced to explain Rob Ford to Americans

...As far as the Canada’s establishment elite are concerned, even if Rob Ford had never done any of the things they’ve accused of, he’s committed far more serious crimes anyhow:
He’s not the most articulate guy in public life.
His family owns a pretty successful business.
He talks a lot about cutting taxes and spending.
And worst of all:
He’s fat. (I’m not kidding: Just watch the video below.)
But now Rob Ford has admitted, on camera, on the record, to smoking crack.
Sounds like a game changer, if not ender.
Except that, as foreign and domestic pundits alike delight in pointing out, Ford’s popularity rose a few percentage points after his confession.


Anonymous said...

He's a white Marion Barry. That's about it.

Unknown said...

Oh, and look! 72% o the city wants him to get the fuck out of Dodge, either temporarily or permanently.You and Kathy are leaving out the 32 point spread between job approval and getting rid of him.

I'm of two minds about this. On one hand, everybody knew or should have known that he was a titanic fuckhead when they elected him, so fuck 'em. Assholes needs to be forced to live with their bad decisions from time to time. Besides, he's powerless for the duration. No one in politics will ever take Ford seriously again.

And yes, his public humiliation amuses me and I would very much like it to continue.

Having said that, Etobicoke Slim likes to demagogue about firing workers for appear to be asleep for any reason, and is generally supportive of recalls, so perhaps he should feel the hot end of the pipe.

So as you can imagine, I'm torn.