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Monday, November 18, 2013

Toronto City Council tells the voters that elected Rob Ford that democracy doesn`t matter & to go fuck themselves

What?! Toronto voters thought they had democratic rights?

You Fools!

Don't you remember how The Toronto Star, unions, and their stooges on City Council told you they were going have their way in spite of your choice?

They finally made good on it.

But Rob Ford promises a bloodbath in the next election.

Let the games begin - let's start taking a close look at Ford's rivals personal lives and see how they stand up to scrutiny.

Like the Gay one in a sham marriage who associates with a paid agent of the Iranian government.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.


balbulican said...

Hi there. Just a quick update from the right wing of Canadian politics. We used to stand for the rule of law, personal responsibility for our actions, civility and sobriety, moderation, honesty, and moral leadership.

Unfortunately, in order to support Rob Ford, we've had to ditch all that. We now stand for pissing off lefties. That is all.

Richard K said...

Well thanks. I can't speak for the "right wing" but the people pretending to be "progressive" used to claim they were for the rights of the poor and fairness and democracy.

In order to bully and attack Ford, they've revealed themselves as a clique of self-interested, greedy hypocrites only interested in preserving their power and feathering their own nests.

Unknown said...

Did "Gay" (and it's odd how you capitalized that word) "one in a sham marriage who associates with a paid agent of the Iranian government" write a character reference on city letterhead - the improper use of which has gotten him into trouble before - for someone that was just convicted of threatening to kill a woman?

Did that Gay then have hundreds of contacts with someone later charged with extortion in an attempt to obtain a video of him smoking crack?

People think Crackhead Rob is an idiot and a psychopath to keep talkig about the wonders of cocaine and cunnilingus, whilst trampling somebody's grandma in the Council chamber, but it might be the only smart thing he's ever done.

All of those things beat his being forced to talk about his dark relationship with Sandro Lisi and his own probable involvement in a conspiracy to commit extortion. Shit, I'd fire up a crack pipe on CNN to avoid that talk!

And are you seriously suggesting that Ford is being bullied and attacked? With a motion that he said just four days ago that he'd vote for if it was directed at anybody but him? Are you fucking kidding me?

Thank Christ that I got away from the organized right a decade ago. If I felt I had to engage in this self-victimization horseshit over the people that you do, i would've died of shame by now.

Richard K said...

I'm not really sure whether the g in Gay, the sexual orientation, is supposed to be capitalized to distinguish it from gay, the feeling of happiness, so that's why that is the case.

And I wouldn't expect you to die of shame, Skippy, but the histrionic anger coming across in some of your comments make me worry about you having an aneurysm.