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Saturday, January 18, 2014

As Stephen Harper prepares to leave for Israel, NDP-linked website rabble.ca publishes a shockingly anti-Semitic article

Jews only care about Israel. They care about Israel more than Canada. Stephen Harper and Canada's Conservative Party know this and it forms the basis of their public support for Israel.

Anti-Semitic charges like that form the basis of many discussions among depraved neo-Nazis in their septic online bunkers. The above are not the precise words, but form the clear, obvious message of an article published by the far-left website rabble.ca on the day that Canada's Prime Minster will leave for an official trip to Israel.

Karl Nerenberg, the Ottawa correspondent for rabble, attributes Conservative wins in the last election in a few urban ridings with a substantial number of Jewish voters exclusively to Stephen Harper's support for Israel. He says, in essence, that that the Jews were responsible for the victories of under-qualified politicians in key ridings solely because of Harper's support for the Jewish State.

According to rabble's Nerenberg, the Conservatives "are banking on their [the Jews'] ardent support of Israel to gain needed voters, and so far it's working. In 2011, in Toronto’s York Centre, a rather indifferent Conservative candidate, with the thinnest of thin résumés, Mark Adler, managed to defeat hockey Hall-of-Famer and Liberal champion of a national daycare program, Ken Dryden. The riding’s Jewish voters moved quite significantly toward the Conservatives in that case."

A simple review of Canada's most recent census reveals that Nerenberg's reasoning is as facile as it is bigoted.  There are more than a million Muslims in Canada compared with less than three hundred thirty thousand Jews. Were Nerenberg correct in his assertion that Harper's Mid East policies are a cynical ploy to entice Jews, then it would follow to reason that strongly favoring Israel would repel Muslims. All major political parties attempt to appeal to ethnic voting blocs. But as a strategy whose sole goal was to win elections, it would be preposterous to try to win over one group at the expense of alienating another that is more than three times as large.

Founded by anti-Israel fanatic Judy Rebick, rabble's publisher is the same-sex partner of Libby Davies, the Deputy Leader of Canada's Official Opposition whom, in in 2010, was condemned by current NDP leader Tom Mulcair for her comments that effectively denied Israel's legitimacy and right to exist. Funding for that online hub of extremism, which has billed itself as the "official media sponsor" of the annual hate-fest "Israeli Apartheid Week" comes in part from the NDP think-tank The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

The article today by Nerenberg reflects the hateful biases which form rabble.ca's core values. He claims that in 2011, he overheard Cabinet Minister Jason Kenney, "loudly telling someone at the other end of his cell phone call about the Conservatives’ excellent chances in a number of urban ridings -- all because of the Jewish vote."

Naturally, the collapse of the Liberal Party because of a terrible campaign headed by the poor political skills of Michael Ignatieff plays no role in Nerenberg's explanation for gains by the Conservatives in the ridings he describes. Nerenberg's implications are that they are only because of a sinister confluence of Jewish self-interest and loyalty to a foreign country with cynical Conservative politicking.

Stephen Harper has been clear about the reasons for his support of Israel, a liberal democracy, in its strife dealing with neighbors who are antithetical to western values and who have expressed genocidal aspirations towards Jews. But no, that's all a big put-on by Harper if Nerenberg's "analysis" is to be accepted. Nerenberg's claim of what he allegedly overheard is, in his mind, evidence of his own conspiracy theory.

Oddly for the Jewish community, there are some useful idiots within it who would make common cause with people like rabble's Karl Nerenberg. Former Jewish Canadian Congress boss Bernie Farber recently appeared along with Nerenberg at a panel at the "progressive" Toronto synagogue Temple Emanu-El. When confronted by concerns from Jewish Defense League head Meir Weinstein on his giving imprimatur to the hateful views promoted by Nerenberg and his employer, Farber dismissed them, referring to his co-panelist as a "respected journalist."

The quarters in which a person respects the types of biases expressed by Karl Nerenberg are ones that many decent people would avoid like the plague.

If Nerenberg is really interested in quotes from Jason Kenney, hopefully he will heed one from an interview the Conservative Minister gave this week to Postmedia's Mark Kennedy. 

"“We see the kind of culture of hatred in various parts of the world, regrettably in some dark corners of Canada, as some of this kind of new anti-Semitism...It often finds itself at the nexus between radical Jihadi Islamism and the far left" said Kenney. 

The 'nexus' of which Kenney spoke is in strong evidence at rabble.ca, where they act as apologists for Islamic terror against Israel.

But this nexus is nothing new. It happened in the Second World War when the Islamic prelate in the Palestinian Mandate, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, allied himself with Adolf Hitler and helped him raise troops with the shared intent of annihilating Jews.

Reading the extremist leftism in rabble.ca today, and how similar some of the commentary is to right-wing extremism, it serves as a reminder that NAZI is an acronym for National Socialist.


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