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Monday, January 20, 2014

Oppressive Canadian Prime Minister victimizes Palestinians by attacking one of their journalists

Solidifying their reputation as the world's most professional victims, a Palestinian reporter is claiming he was "attacked" by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper's security detail.

Harper, a Christian, entered the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, one of his religion's most sacred sites, with only one of his own staff members allowed to film him.

Canadian media were the first to accompany Mr. Harper and when a Palestinian reporter protested not being able to film the Prime Minister in the Church, one of the Palestinian reporters alleges, "..we protested against that, but the guard punched Al-Mahid TV cameraman Amer Hijazi by a metal piece on his fist to Hijazi’s chest."

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedom, which is reporting the incident, does not clarify whether the "metal piece" on the fist of the Prime Minister's guard was a wedding band or a set of the brass knuckles which Canadians are notorious for carrying when traveling abroad.

The Palestinians are condemning the "attack that is a violation of freedom of expression," demanding an apology, an investigation, and call on all journalists not to cover the Canadian Prime Minister's visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories.

In other news, Mr. Harper, who is frequently accused by enemies of Israel of being anti-Palestinian, oppressed them further when he committed an extra $66 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be the 1st time, oh hi poor Li Xue Jiang


#rcmp #harperInIsrael pic.twitter.com/kAP4cMgLPp

Richard K said...

Yeah, that's right - apparently you were too stupid to read and comprehend the item in the link you tweeted.

A Chinese journalist grabbed a mike from one of Harper's staffers and shoved her and security pushed back. Ohh... the oppressiveness!!! Reporters should be able to do what they want when they want, no matter what!

Here's a quote from your own link, moron:

"Video of Friday’s incident shows Li brushing Vaux's hand away, and then later shoving her.

A few minutes later, Li grabbed a microphone being operated by a member of the Privy Council Office. After a brief tug on the mic, three members of the RCMP team assigned to protect the prime minister grabbed Li and hauled him to the back of the room. He was only briefly detained."

Here's a clue. The reporter from the official media of China's totalitarian government complained: "The Prime Minister's Office shouldn't deprive my right. It's not democratic"

Nadine Lumley said...

Guess you don't know how to use Google azzphat:

Vid ~> @pmHarper's RCMPMO blocks Chinese journalist Li Xue Jiang from asking Steve a ? http://youtu.be/tKnrRQEzOpM 4min


Richard K said...

Your eyesight must be failing you in your old age as much as your intellect, such as it is, has failed you through the rest of your life. The journalist, in that very selective clip in that link, is trying to grab the mic from someone else.

What security did in the circumstances is exactly what they are trained to do in those circumstances, and it has nothing to do with the political party of which the Prime Minister is a member or whether it is Stephen Harper or Jean Chretien.

Anonymous said...

What is really interesting, Mr. K., is the story behind the story. Here is a nugget for you: "Soon after Mr. Harper won power, the Prime Minister's staff started deciding which reporters could ask questions, skipping those they suspected weren't in the government's favour." What does that say to you? Stephen Harper fears criticism. Why? Because the truth is, his agenda goes against the best interests of Canadians.

Unknown said...

"Solidifying their reputation as the world's most professional victims?"

Surely that is the Zionists?

Richard K said...

No, the Zionists don't have a class of professional refugee who, though born in and are citizens of another country and are three generations removed from 1948, still claim to be "refugees"

Nor, unlike say Hamas, do they call for the genocide of another people while claiming to be "victims."

Minicapt said...

Anon @ 12:55
All PMs have done such. The trigger here was that the "National Press Club" had begun to establish controls on questions at Press Conferences, and the PM's Office was not in full agreement with their plans. The execs at the Club were under the impression that the PM was beholden to them for all his press needs. As well, the 'elite' of the Press Corps were completely unbiased in their preferences for the Grits, Dippers and PQuistes.


Anonymous said...

Simple acuracy.