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Monday, January 13, 2014

Ontario Catholic School using weird, conspiracy theory mumbo-jumbo as a teaching tool

Since deleted, a tweet from St. Anne's Catholic School in Kanata, Ontario from the twitter account evidently run by the school's principal, provided a link to a YouTube video that was being used by the school as a teaching tool. I was notified about this by a concerned parent who has demanded an investigation into what other bizarre, scientifically unsubstantiated teaching material is being used by the Catholic School Board.

The video makes claims about the paranormal attributes of Solfeggio frequencies. It should be noted that in music, solf├Ęge, or in Italian, solfeggio, is a traditional method used to teach pitch and sight singing. But the myth of the "lost solfeggio frequencies" described in the video is something very different to that.

The Solfeggio frequencies are supposedly lost frequencies that were alleged to have been used in Gregorian Chants. They are claimed, by the same sort of people who believe in global conspiracies by Illuminati, to have miraculous powers.

While faith in miracles is part of Catholic catechism, as far as I'm aware, being able to conjure them on demand with song is not part of that belief. The video apparently used at the school claims that one of these frequencies can "undo situations and facilitate change" another can "perform repair on your DNA" and "initiate transformation and miracles."

The video also asserts the frequencies "are guaranteed to work."

According to the narration in the video, "the Catholic Church presumably lost these original chants," but really "it was a transparent attempt to hide these incredibly powerful chants, so none of the Masses could energize their souls. It was all about control and concealment, to prevent people from gaining the amazing benefit of these frequencies."

Which means that by promoting this in school, either someone at the Catholic School Board has gone batpoo crazy, or I better start throwing some Gregorian Chants on my CD player.

This is the video to which the school linked:

UPDATE: The school is claiming that the linked video was posted in error and a different video is used to teach students about fibonacci numbers - but for some reason, they haven't identified what that video is.

h/t James D.


Timothy Jones said...

Krishna on a cracker! That's bat guano looney, alright.

Hoo boy.

Unknown said...

Hey not so. Gregorian Chants are most excellent. They sooth the soul and tame the wild beast within the breast of man. My brother-in-law (a kind of Bhuddhist I believe) derived much peace of mind and enjoyment listening to this stuff during his final months and days.

Timothy Jones said...

Lots of music "soothes the soul". That's a lot different than claiming certain combinations of frequencies are sprinkled with cosmic fairy dust and will heal neuroses and acne and make all your dreams come true.

That's looney.