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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Inbred anti-Israel Jewish cult in Quebec claims "Zionist conspiracy" is behind police raid

CHATHAM, Ont. - Members of an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect want to know why Quebec police swooped down on their settlement north of here Wednesday night, searching two homes...

...Dubbed the "Jewish Taliban" for their stance on Israel and conservative dress, the group follows a strict religious code that forbids most modern conveniences...

...Lev Tahor officials said families were sent out into the cold by police while two homes were searched.

They said they have nothing to hide and suspect it was more pressure on the part of Quebec authorities to take their children into foster care.

"We are crying SOS," Lev Tahor director Mayer Rosner said...

The group is anti-Zionist and led by Rabbi Shlomo Helbrans, a controversial figure who doesn't believe in the state of Israel.

On Monday, the group will learn if the local child-welfare agency can enforce a Quebec order to seize 14 of the sect's children and send them into foster care...

...Rosner said he suspects a Zionist conspiracy aimed at demolishing the sect.

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