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How To Deal With Gaza After Hamas

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pat Condell publishes samplings of his fan mail...

"if i see u in the street i will run u over with mah car and shoot ur head off and feed ur remain to my dog"

"May ALLAH swt reward hitler he did a great job to the zionist pigs you are next i fuck jews and kill off their womens i cut off her breast after rapeing their ass hamduillah dont beleive the lies of this jew fuck man he is a jew"

" iv’e seen a lot of your video’s around and hmmm? am i angry? no I just want to see you die here on earth…  i want to see you gutted alive. i want to cut your stomach open, so that you see your black heart, and strangle you with your intestines. i will burn your tongue that you blasphemy so much with.  i long to gouge out your eyes, then make you bleed all over screaming for help. and there wont be anyone around to hear you scream. and if you aren’t dead by then, i’ll take each one of your fingers, snap them off, then choke you to death with them. think about it, would you rather kill youself gracefully or be killed by me?  IT IS NOW MY GOAL TO KILL YOU."


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