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Monday, January 13, 2014

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International double down on their support for Islamofascism

Human Rights Watch... partner(ed) with Abd al-Rahman al Nuaimi, who not only founded Al-Karama, a self-declared human-rights organization, but also served as the secretary-general of the Global Anti-Aggression Campaign, a fiercely anti-American group whose statement of purpose reads:
The Muslim ummah – in this era – is facing a vicious aggression from the powers of tyranny and injustice, from the Zionist power and the American administration led by the extreme right, which is working to achieve control over nations and peoples, and is stealing their wealth, and annihilating their will, and changing their educational curriculums and social orders.  And this aggression of a totalitarian nature has been portrayed through falsifying truths about Islam’s teachings and in attacks against the Quran and the prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him, as well as through misleading media campaigns and economic extortion.

h/t Marvin W

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Anonymous said...

What a crock of barbra btreisand that bunch of words is. I have heard lots better from a 1 year old baby, than those adult islams.
Death to allah where ever he my dwell and the pig he was dragged behind.