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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Toronto Star's Rick Salutin evades questions from Michael Coren

I have to give credit to al Starzeera's Rick Salutin for having the courage to appear on The Arena with Michael Coren to discuss Stephen Harper's trip to Israel and the political (and other forms of discrimination) faced by the Jewish State.

But as you will see in the segment below, Salutin has to evade and obfuscate frequently to avoid admitting his ideological opposition to Israel is based on ignorance and bias.

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gama said...

Seeing and hearing the likes of Rick Salutin speak makes my skin crawl.
This man has wallowed so deep in the cess-pool of neo-progressive nuances that he has lost touch with reality.
His dead-pan crie-de-coeur for Israel’s violence towards Palestinians is like watching a psychopath musing on his selective empathy.
Perhaps , if the occasion should present itself again , I am sending to Mr. Coren a web-site that should give Rick pause for critical thought .

Arab discrimination and abuse against Palestinians since 1948