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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

For someone who's spent more than any other Canadian politician to buy votes, Kathleen Wynne is awfully afraid of an election

Via Don Peat

Appointed by her position of Premier by her Ontario Liberal Party colleagues, but dodging a general election the way O.J. Simpson used to dodge defensive backs,  Kathleen Wynne evidently identifies with unelected leaders. So much so that even though the province's City of Toronto Act lists the mayor as the city's head in interjurisdictional matters, Wynne refuses to meet with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and will only deal with Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly.

Following her refusal to meet with Ford to discuss Provincial relief for expenses arising from last month's ice storm, Ford released a letter reminding the Premier that while Council stripped him of some duties, she is circumventing the Provincial Act by avoiding dealing with him.

It may come as a shock to learn that Kathleen Wynne, who was out buying votes with her embarrassing, ineptly handled grocery gift card hand-out to the wealthy, is unfamiliar with her obligations. She was in on the billion dollar vote buying scheme to cancel a pair of Gas Plants as a means of capturing a couple of by-elections the Liberals needed to stay in power.

The funny thing is for someone who has spent more than any other politician in Canadian history to buy votes, she is still afraid of facing the people she's been attempting to pay off. Could it be that the public realizes that in the end, the money Wynne has spent to buy votes will cost all of us for decades to come?


mrzee said...

Unlikely that she's worried about the decades to come. As a politician she can think more than four years down the road at best.

Richard K said...

In Wynne's case, it's only as far as the next election. Once that happens, she'll screw us over again.

Unknown said...

Speaking of provincial law, you are aware that Ontario has one regarding fixed election dates, right?

Certainly, the government can be defeated, but that seems unlikely since Tim Hudak is the dumbest motherfucker I've seen up close and has won a grand total of one by-election out of seven.

However, I do agree with you on Ford and the City of Toronto Act. The law is the law, although I wish Hizzoner would act like it more often.

Richard K said...

I'm neither optimistic that Hudak will win an election nor will make a particularly good Premier if he did. But he's still better than the alternatives.

I guess you're with me in hoping, should he crash to another defeat, that Doug Ford heads up a revitalized Ontario PC Party?

Unknown said...

My gut tells me that if an election is forced, the most likely outcome is an NDP minority. And there will be no beating a Horwath government for at least two years because the Tories will be broke and busy relieving Hudak of his head.

As for Dougie leading the party, that's among the funniest ideas ever. They can't stand the idea of him as a candidate, so I'm pretty sure they won't give him the leadership.

And that's good because he'd drive them right out of existence in about a week. Doug is even dumber and a worse politician than Rob, ad that's saying quite a bit.

Given the way the party has worked since I was in high school, the safest bet is that Christine Elliott will be the leader of the third-place Tories.

Richard K said...

Like Doug as I do, I was actually kidding there Skippy. On the other hand, a lot of us thought Mike Harris could never be either party leader of Premier...