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Monday, January 20, 2014

Sounds like that anti-Israel Boycott, Divest and Sanctions thing isn't working out as planned

This report is from Julius Suraski, of the Jewish Defense League, who was a member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's delegation to Israel this week:

Mr. Jonathan Medved, CEO of  OurCrowd Funding Group delivered a very positive and interesting presentation called "Start up Nation".    He told the delegates that Israel was quickly becoming recognized around the world for the development of high tech business and the country is developing a favourable financial, as well as intellectual market that has enabled the creation of what he referred to as "serial entrepreneurs" - business people who were developing successful, recognized business templates for the development of high-tech start-up ventures.   He noted several start-ups that have been purchased by Google and IBM for significant amounts of money and cited that the business climate was very encouraging for a future prosperous economy.

Medved stated that over the past ten years there have been over 900 successful public company exits, many of which have strongly linked the Israeli economy to the American economy.   There are over 300 multinational companies that are located in Israel which have further linked Israel strongly to the world economy - and said that in the "life sciences" field, there have been over 700 device company start-ups alone.

He commented that "Europe is addicted to Israeli products" and is one of Israel's largest trading partners despite it's boycott rhetoric.   Trade with the UK is surging despite it's fixation on the BDS movement.

Medved further stated that Asian investors are flocking to Israel.

The theme of the presentation concluded that here was a positive future in Israel for high-tech industry.

You can read a full transcript of Prime Minister Harper's speech to the Israeli Knesset HERE

Andrey Coyne gets the analysis dead right in The National Post

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