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Monday, January 13, 2014

The "Diarrhea Bot" and 4 other weird inventions

...the EcoBot III, designed by the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in the U.K., and it's made to run on biofuels -- that there's fancy-boy college-talk for "food." After imbibing a liquid that consists of yeast, salt, and minerals, the EcoBot III can function for 24 hours, powering itself without any other energy sources. But as with everything else that eats to survive, what goes in must come out the other side, so once a day its handlers have to slide it over to its litter box and watch it take a shit.

...Due to its liquid diet, one researcher fittingly refers to the EcoBot III as the "diarrhea bot." Because what comes out of its putrid robo-butthole more closely resembles the aftermath of chasing a case of Miller Lite with Fourth Meal..

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