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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Richard Simmons' Big Gay Obamacare Dance-off

This video was produced to promote Obamacare and could be the gayest thing you've ever seen. Not that there's anything wrong with that...    (except for the Obamacare part)


Anonymous said...

This just went on the Rabble site in response to Nerenberg's article:

Submitted by Ludwig Bemelmans on January 19, 2014 - 5:45am.

Hello there. My name is Lou Bemelmans but I don't live in an old house in Paris all covered with vines, I live in a very expensive house in Thornhill. I thought I should step forward as one of those Jewish voters that Karl is talking about. Jews like me (and I think that's 99% of us) have only one thing in our brains when we step into the voting booth -- what's good for Greater Israel. Climate change, the environment, health care, daycare, taxes, First Nations, consumer issues -- for us Jews it's all water under the bridge.

Israel is our tribe's little imperialist/colonialist project and I say -- press on with the settlements, build that fence to the sky, and let the Palestinians howl. I don't care two hoots about UN Security Council Resolutions 446 and 465, or about the Fourth Geneva Convention for that matter. I just want Great Fortress Israel to be mighty and prosperous, and I'll vote for any Canadian political party that will make that happen. I'm not particularly worked up about whether my local candidate for MP has a thin resume or a thick one. Ken Dryden is a nice enough guy and a swell hockey player and all that, but the Liberal Party is squishy about Israel but Harper is rock-solid. Same thing with my friends in Montreal and Irv Cotler. Yes, Irv was great back in the 80s in helping out our brothers and sisters in the Soviet Union, but that was then and this is now. As I said, the Liberal Party is squishy about Israel and the NDP are a bunch of communists who hate us Jews (except for crazy traitors to our people like Judy Rebick, Naomi Klein and Barry Weisleder) so we vote Conservative.

So if my Conservative candidate does what Steve Harper says, and Steve Harper stands up for whatever Israel does no matter what, then that candidate is good enough for me. Does that make me just a bit unpatriotic as a Canadian? Even a bit unprincipled and disloyal? Maybe, but so what? If the Canadian government is so naive as to let me be a citizen of this country and vote here, that's their problem not mine. So I'll just keep up the mutual backscratching friendship with my pal Jason Kenney (Karl must have heard me on the phone with him -- I have to be more careful next time) and keep maxing out on my donations to the Conservative Party. Jason, Steve and I have a great deal going. Steve Harper stands up for my real leader Binny Netanyahu, and I keep those big bucks flowing from my Bay Street law practice straight into the Conservative Party fundraising machine.

Gotta run now -- Meir Weinstein from the JDL is on the line...

Richard K said...

Funny stuff - however, I think you meant to post it on this article


My suspicion is that the sarcasm will be lost on the people at rabble and they'll take it literally.